Bright Nepal

Anahata Iradah receives a gift from Pabitra Lama in appreciation for her ongoing support.

Anahata Iradah is the co-director of Tara Dhatu’s Humanitarian Outreach.

She writes…

In May 2014 I guided a Dances of Universal Peace pilgrimage through India and Nepal. There were many majestic and glorious experiences. The pinnacle was reached May 24th when the pilgrims and I were invited to Bright Nepal, an NGO formed by Pabitra Lama to serve the needs of girls at risk of being trafficked in the sex trade in Nepal.

Pabitra is called by various tribes when a girl is in especially grave need and there are no family members available to help her. Then Pabitra personally goes (often by foot over the Himalayas)  to meet the girls. If she feels the girl is a good candidate for Bright Nepal she brings her to Boudha in Kathmandu.

The girls welcomed Anahata's delegation with music

I help to raise the funds to house and feed the girls.

Sophia, one of our Tara Dhatu Student teachers, taught the girls the Refuge and Bodhicitta Prayers. They offered this to their sponsors as well.

Angela Bennett and I  created a God Parent program to support individual girls and pay for their education. These relationships are developing beautifully and all the girls long to meet their God parents.

When we arrived on May 24th we had no idea that our program would be filled with such depth, sincerity, maturity and joy.

If you are moved to help support Bright Nepal, or would like to be a God Parent, tax deductible donations may be made through Tara Dhatu.

A demonstration of their yoga accomplishments

May every girl be given such auspicious circumstances to develop in the sacred arts in a supportive environment filled with dignity, encouragement and respect.

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