Dance the 21 Praises of Tara

During These Challenging And Chaotic Times
We Chant And Dance The Praises Of Tara
To Hold Up The Light For Our World.

The Year of the Ox begins February 12 and Losar is celebrated for 3 days. We will offer the Mandala Dance publically, online, Saturday, February 13th and Sunday February 14th.

Working within our virtual world, without chance for meeting and dancing together, I am delighted we can still touch hearts, share dance and dharma.

Saturday – 23rdof January
11 AM – 2 PM HST
I will open the Mandala Dance. No charge. Anyone can come.
I will cover meaning, meditation and movement

Sunday the 24th of January
Saturday the 6th of February
We organize the Mandala for those who register and commit.
These meetings will be password protected.
We will put the meetings on youtube if you cannot attend all the meetings.

We are asking for a sliding scale offering $25-$108.
Scholarships are available.
Please let me know if you are willing to sponsor someone.
We want to encourage new dancers.
Myri will hold a special class for new dancers.

It is essential that you sign up asap to tell me your praise choices. Pick 3.
If we have more than 22 Praise dancers, I will organize a second mandala. We will have only one dancer for each praise.
There will also be room for Protectors.

Once we decide on your praise then you must organize your costume.
Noelle will make scarves available in all the colors for purchase. She also is willing to make caftan tunics if you prefer to wear one over your gold costuming. Dancers are encouraged to have the gold choli and skirt.

All dancers must memorize their praise, practice it and the sadhana every day, and each Praise dancer will make an appointment for a private session to work on their praise with Myri. I will send the music to your praise to make it easy for you to practice.

Dancers are invited to write down:
1. why they chose this praise
2. what it means in their life

I will try to give everyone a chance to share this with the group.

We will do the Offering
Saturday and Sunday February 13th & 14th
11 AM – 2 PM HST

If you are ready to select your Praise and make your $$ offering,
go to the donate button on the bottom of
There will be an ‘Add a Note’ optuion so PLEASE specify this is for the Losar Mandala Zoom.

Make your donation
then send me a copy ( of the receipt
together with your three possible Praise choices in the Mandala.

I Am Immensely Grateful 
For Our Precious Community Of Hearts.

May We Meet Again And Again 
In The Light 
Of The Wisdom Goddess