Dancing Gold Tara & Worthy of Honor in Portland

Dancing Gold Tara

Prema and Myri spent two magnificent days in Portland during their Spring 2013 Tour. They taught their new Dance Sadhana of Gold Tara, Goddess of Abundance, at the exquisite Newari Mandir. Prajwal is the head priest of the temple and a wonderful dancer. Prema had studied with his father, many years ago in Kathmandu. Prajwal opened the ceremony with a traditional dance offering. Helen Appell,  the founding director of the temple danced the traditional Charya dance of praise to Vasudhara, Gold Tara.

The second evening was organized by Tara Dhatu Student Teacher, Lena Grace and her student Rebecca titled Worthy of Honor, devoted to Tara #6 of the 21 Tara Praises. It was a powerful evening. Both events were well attended.

Lena, Rebecca, Myri & Prema


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