Dancing Tara in a Home for the Aged

For the past month the Tara dancers of Florianopolis in the South of Brazil were preparing to offer the Mandala Dance as part of a fund raiser for the local Chagdud Center.

Just before they were to dance, the event was cancelled. The ladies did not drop the ball. They decided to conduct a Public Offering of the Mandala Dance of Tara in n home for the Aged. They invited friends and family to attend along with the local community and 40 residents of the home.


Andressa wrote to Prema….

The offering happened last Friday. The fund raising event was canceled but together we decided to keep our purpose, so, the offering happened in the old people’s home. This was the brightest idea we ever had!

The offering was wonderful!
There are no words to express the experience…but I will try….
We were a luminous rainbow – body rainbow, speech rainbow, mind rainbow. We just can say: OM AH HUNG

We dedicate all the merits to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas and we pray for Long Life for you, Prema. A really Gratitude!

A old woman said to us with tears falling from her eyes, “Thank you very much for all, I never had feeling this before in all my life!.”

Liliete led the mandala beautifully, she is now fully a Level 3 Tara Dhatu Teacher.

Kisses and a big HUG,


Liliete also wrote…….

Fifteen precious women overcame several obstacles and maintained the firm intention to make the Offering. Even the rain scheduled for that time was diverted. Storm clouds were replaced by light clouds, we felt a circle of protection grounded in nature, in the midst of a bustling city neighborhood.
Some testimonies of the elderly:
“This was the best day of my life.”
“Come back whenever you can.”
“We want to dance too!”

Some testimonies of the dancers:
” Testimony of a protector – When the wind blew for the last time, during the purifications, all the women in the Mandala were crowned with Tara over their heads.”
“I felt the presence of Tara above us all.”
“I felt purified and empowered”


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