Dancing Tara in Austin and the Abode

Austin – In the Light of Guru Rinpoche

Palri Pema Od Ling dharma center in Austin is a magical display of Guru Rinpoche’s pure land. Last year I danced Kurukulle for the resident Lama, Lama Lobtsul was enchanted with the dance and invited me to return to offer the Mandala of Tara dance. He agreed to give a Green Tara empowerment as part of the weekend celebrations.

It was a magical event. Lama Lobtsul assembled a beautiful practice manual of Green Tara. I have been working on a new dance to Green Tara and some of the poetry I selected from a sadhana of Dudjom Rinpoche was in this beautiful manual.

There were many points of inspiration in Austin. The main organizing was done by Elizabeth Geraurd with the support of Tara Dhatu Student Teachers Anjali and Katherine Henderson.

3 Women, 3 Spiritual Paths

Suzanne, HeatherAsh, Prema and Katherine

Monday evening I enjoyed sharing a presentation at a local bookstore – 3 Women, 3 Spiritual Paths: An Evening of Inspiring Dialogue.

HeatherAsh Amara, a spiritual leader from the Toltec tradition, and Suzanne McAnna a Priestess of the Wiccan tradition joined me in giving the audience a wide range of possibilities in answer to their spiritual questions.

A Night of Blessings

Tuesday night we entered another magical realm, the

Zen Practice Centre of Sumi Komo. A professional dancer, once featured within the Merce Cunningham troupe of modern dance, she later entered the Zen path of practice and is committed to manifesting a series of dances based on the qualities of Quan Yin.  We enjoyed an evening of the practices of increase, of Vasudhara and the 8 Precious Offerings in her exquisite studio..

 Dancing Tara at the Abode of the Message

From the balmy weather of Austin I flew to upstate New York and ran into a weekend of snow!!!  Aimee Johnson organized a Mandala of Tara in the shrine room of the Abode of the Message. The many years of powerful spiritual practice done in this sanctuary lent itself wonderfully to our weekend of dancing Tara.

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