Dancing Tara in Hokkaido, Japan

Yasuko is our Tara Dhatu Facilitator in Japan.

She writes….

This year there were so many challenges, for myself personally and also for our Tara Dance Circle in Japan. As a group we are transformed into a simpler and stronger circle that really seeks to embody the pure qualities of Tara. We hope to keep growing with the protection and guidance of Tara.

This summer I offered my very first Tara Mandala Dance Workshop in Hokkaido, in the far north of Japan. There were 18 participants and most of them had never danced Tara before and didn’t know anything about the practice. I had never led such a large group on my own.

It was a big challenge to teach the complete Mandala Dance in two days and then to offer it at Lake TOYA, famous in the area as a symbol of femininity.

Before the retreat we visited two special islands in Lake Toya. One was dedicated to Kannon (Avalokiteshwara) and the other Sarasvati. There were lovely temples to the deities and we made offerings and prayers, starting our retreat in an auspicious way.

Though most of participants didn’t know Tara, the art of the dance goes beyond words and concepts. These new sisters in the North felt the essence of Tara within themselves, and expressed it so beautifully as they danced. We were Tara, in our perfect Lotus of unfolding energy.

For me, personally, pressure was my companion in this journey. I really learned the importance of  “Faith, Surrender, Send out Light”.

This journey has given me confidence and a feeling of fulfillment. We will return to dance Tara next year when the snowy season is over. The seed of Tara’s Love and Wisdom has been planted in the land of Hokkaido.

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