Deepening in Tara in Seattle

Phyllis Moses has been dancing Tara since the early years on Maui. She is now helping to facilitate a circle in the Seattle area. She and fellow Tara Dhatu Student Teacher Rhiannon had a Saturday Tara gathering in the area….. Phyllis writes…

Rhiannon and I had been planning for months to offer  this one day retreat March 20. Then we heard the news of the earthquake in Japan. We felt it was auspicious that we could  concentrate  and send our healing energies out not only to our friends in Japan (it brought tears to my eyes to read Felicity’s letter about our dear Tara sisters in Japan that was posted on Tara Dhatu news), but to everyone in Japan and to all those places across the earth experiencing so much upheaval. Of course we also dedicated our practice to Prema, our friends and our families.

As we gathered I was reminded how powerful this dance is. I truly feel we can get in touch with the expanse of our True Nature. It feels magnified when we can come together in prayer and movement and awakening.

I was re-inspired when I recently listened to the Dalai Lama speaking to the Tara dancers on the DVD Anahata created:  21 Taras – Our Journey Through Life. He said, “Tara is the manifestation of inner air/winds (energy/movement). Air means energy. All movement entirely depends on inner air. To meditate on Tara –  is to  meditate on energy. Ultimately inner air becomes Tara.  Movement of consciousness is connected with the inner airs”.

Rhiannon and I  organized this practice in part so we could  help build a strong container and momentum for when Prema comes to lead our circle on Orcas Island in June.

Seven of us came together, stating “I am Tara, my name is Rhiannon, Elaine, Gwendolyn, Jackie, Kirtsen,  Virginia, and Phyllis.  We sang our motivation “I am here to manifest the wisdom that rests within,  ….….”

And then prepared the ground of our being by working with the inner airs and channels in a yoga practice – combining mindful intention to awaken ~ for the benefit of all. Afterwards I guided everyone in the three lights Tara empowerment. Rhiannon led us in a 5 Buddha Family dance. We had plenty of colorful scarves to help set the mood.

Setting up the Mandala Dance we chose our praises. We each danced 3 praises, and I loved being able to dance Tara # Four, All Victorious. The world is really needing us to come into our power! Rhiannon brought flowers to adorn our hair, just like our Tara sisters in Japan do when they dance Tara.

It was a team effort to put all the pieces together and dance the mandala. So much healing was generated we felt the energy go out as we did our final dedication. Whenever we dance together it feels so precious to know  all the Tara circles spinning around the world.

I’m so grateful to have a practice like this, and we are all looking forward to seeing our beloved Prema again soon. We’re so fortunate to also have Parvati coming to join us and a number of out of town friends. Orcas island is very special, if you have any opportunity, come.  The weekend workshop is June 10-12th. We are expecting Dagmola Kushog to come and give a Green Tara Empowerment and will be offering the Mandala Dance in full costume on Sunday.

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Phyllis Moses, for more information or to register

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