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Dear friends,

In recent days I wrote to request your prayers and donations to offer support for all in Nepal after a devastating earthquake and numerous aftershocks caused much destruction.

 As the reports continue to come in we are relieved to say that we have heard that most of our community are OK.  There are a few friends unaccounted for, our search for them continues.

 Big thank you to all who swiftly responded with generosity to our Tara sister Sophia’s call to action as she works to provide relief in the form of Rice Kitchens and medical support.  Because of your timely response, we quickly reached our initial fundraising goals and are in the process of working on getting the money you gave translated into food and direct aid.  Sophia has said that she will share pictures and report to us about how the project is unfolding.

As the situation continues to develop we will continue to asses where we can best provide support.  With infrastructure poor before this disaster, the situation is very serious in the aftermath of the earthquake. Many of the Nepali people are without food, water, transportation, medical care, and shelter from the rain and cold.  The basics are the focus. 

We are continuing our fundraising efforts because this situation is one that will be developing for some time. In addition to the ongoing risk of more quakes and aftershocks monsoon season is about to begin.   We will will continue to assess where future donations can best be utilized.  We are grateful to have Sophia on the ground working to care for those she and her volunteers can reach now.

Many of you have sponsored people in Nepal through Tara Dhatu’s Humanitarian projects and some of you have traveled there with our community in past years. Naturally you want to know about the Tibetan community, the families of Atisha School, Pabitra, the children of Bright Nepal, Andrea, and more…  We have heard that
these friends are safe for now but many are in tents because the structures are not considered safe.  We are working to better understand what we can do to support them and will continue to share news.

Sophia went to Boudha on Tuesday and ran into some graduates of Atisha School who agreed to volunteer in the soup kitchens.

~photo Laxmi Tamang

Your generosity is much appreciated…

Please friends, keep your prayers pulsing.  

For the dying, the dead, the injured, the lost,  

the homeless and the terrified in Nepal.

 May we always bless  

and balance the elements within and around us.

With great respect and gratitude for this precious life

on this precious planet,

 we send our prayers to all who suffer.

 Om Tare Tutare Ture Svaha

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