Eana is a Level Four dance leader and mentor on Kauai, Hawaii. She is passionate about sharing the dharma that is taught in the TDEP. (Tara Dhatu Educational Program)

Shortly after the Tara Dance was born on the island of Maui, Prema took the Dance to Kauai at Eana’s invitation. Prema made a commitment to the Kauai dancers to offer the Tara Dance there once a year and to this date has kept this commitment for over thirty years. 

Eana Rose was one of the first Tara dancers to enter the Tara Dhatu Student Teacher Program (STP). She traveled with the Tara Dhatu Pilgrimage in 2001 to India and Nepal,  2015 to Bali and Java, 2017 to Brasilia, 2018 to the Tara Monlam in Brasilia and 2019 for a Dakini Retreat in the mountains outside of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  

In the first decade of 2000, Eana brought the Dance to Canada, Seattle, Idaho and Santa Cruz California. She kept the Dance turning on a regular basis on Kauai at a lovely temple she built behind her house on the lush north shore of Kauai. 

She and the Kauai circle of dancers were instrumental in providing the infrastructure for the yearly retreat at Camp Naue in Haena. 

Presently the Kauai Tara Dance circle meets on the 3rd Sunday of each month at the Golden Lotus Studio in Kapaa, Kauai. As a community, they have hosted Prema and Myri when they are available.  

Eana Rose is a mother of five and grandmother of eight. She has been a massage therapist and massage instructor by trade and a practitioner in the Tibetan dharma traditions since the 1970’s.