Indian Village Children and Tara’s Songbook

Tsering Drolma of Arunachala Pradesh, a remote district in North East India, met our group of Tara Dhatu pilgrims at the Conference of Buddhist Women in India a couple of years ago. She attended the class that Prema taught, “Teaching Children to Dance Tara Tames the 8 Fears”. Her village got internet capacity last year and she wrote to tell Prema how inspired she was by the class. Tara Dhatu pilgrims raised the money to send her the song book coloring book, Wind Horses, the CD of Wind Horse music and the DVD teaching how to work with children and their emotions through the dance.

Tashi sent this picture and message this morning….

The childrn of my school with the ‘dharma songs book’, which I read for them and they love the meanings! We have 24 Children in our village elementry school. Sorry for late reply I joined the school in july only this year because of my exams and the net is also vry bad here. I hope all of u are doing great. The song book is precious thanks once again!! I’m grateful to have in touch with Tara Dhatu!

Lots of warm regards!! Tashi delek!!

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