Introducing the Tara Dance at ARE in Virginian Beach, VA

Jacquelyn Lhamo is a Level 2 Tara Dance Facilitator who resides in Northern California. She travels a great deal and wherever she goes she likes to introduce new friends to Tara’s Mandala Dances. A frequent presenter at Edgar Cayce’s foundation ARE in Virginia Beach, she offered an introductory evening at the center……from her report……

We had a nice group joining us for the presentation. The meditation room had a large picture window with a view of the Atlantic Ocean and the moon.  As people arrived, my iPhone played His Holiness the Dalai Lama chanting the Green Tara mantra. The majority of attendees were Tibetan Buddhist practitioners.  At one point, someone counted over 20 people in the room.

Throughout the evening I followed the directions and advice of my Tara Dance Mentor, Bonney Meyer, and was happy to see how easy it was to communicate the movements and the meaning. I used different meditations in Prema’s book, Dancing Tara. I felt confident and enjoyed the enthusiastic appreciation of the participants.

Our Tara community grows.  Thank you to my teachers and Tara for helping me share this with others!

It was also helpful to have my husband, Rigdzin, with me. Recently he joined the student teachers program and worked with me as an example of not only an experienced dharma practitioner but as someone who has danced as a protector in our Tara dance offerings worldwide.  People were very intrigued by his involvement, and the males in the group were happy to hear of this role they could play.

I feel it is vital that Prema is working on the questions that the various levels of teachers need to address from new practitioners.

As my Mentor and Senior teacher Bonney said, her goal is to help train me to become the best Tara dance teacher.  This is a worthy vision and goal of our Tara Dhatu S tudent Teacher program, and her  supportive attitude gave me the confidence to step out and share the Tara dance.  Looking forward to learning more.

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