Kathmandu New Year 2021 Offerings – Part 1

Every year we invite our members to send donations to Andrea Abinanti to make offerings at the Swayumbu stupa, Manjushri Hill and the local monastery.  Andrea writes….

May all who experienced difficulties during the past year, may that karma now be finished! May this New Year, 2021, be filled with happiness and wonderful experiences throughout the whole year!!!

My New Year’s day began at dawn. As I entered the monastery on Manjushri Hill, the sky was turning a pale pink, the Swayambhu stupa was lit up and crowned by a star.

The Lhapsang puja/ritual began at six. This practice was composed  by Guru Rinpoche for the purpose of removing obstacles and bringing success to  whatever one plans to do. We prayed to remove the obstacles from last year so the new year may auspiciously flow in! 
As the puja began, I offered the Golden lamppraying…by the power of our offerings;
May the Enlightened Ones radiate positive energy to all,
May all beings be happy, healthy and have material and spiritual wealth
May they also have success with whatever they do and
May all have a wonderful New Year!!

Namgyal-la, making prayers of compassionate
After the puja I walked from Manjushri Hill to Swayambhu for the painting of the stupa…

In the middle of the path is a new statue of Manjushri, the embodiment of penetrating wisdom.

When I arrived at the top of Swayambhu Tamang Lama was making prayers for the New Year

Consecrating the prayer flags and canopy we sponsored to adorn the stupa

On the western side of the stupa I found Khadro-la  (Rangjung Neljorma – a self-arisen dakini). She channels Tsering Chenga, one of the the state oracles, a goddess protector of Tibet.

She immediately began reciting melodious prayers and then she began to prostrate…
She and the rest of our retinue offered katas for the well-being of all. 

Some lamas say she is Vajrayogini and others say she is Tara. However she says ‘I am nothing special’.’

The painting of the stupa’s dome began…the dome of a stupa represents the field of emptiness out of which all things arise…The lime paint is poured from the top 

and then spread with a homemade mop…

Khadro then attached blessed kataks to the canopy…

Ba is adding oil to the lamps…

Khadro-la led us in lighting the lamps around the base of the holy stupa; 

May the lights remove the darkness of ignorance, may they free the mind of all fears… By the pure wisdom of the lights, may all be auspicious for everyone!

May the lights warm our hearts, filling them with boundless compassion!

May all pride, selfishness and impurities be dispelled!

May the pure wisdom of the lights fill everyone’s heart with radiant compassion for the sake of all! 

May one’s mind awaken to the to the joy within…

May everyone’s life be filled with stability, peacefulness and great happiness!!!
May everyone have light filled relationships with their family and friends!!!

In Swayambhu there are five Serpent (Naga) King shrines…mystical snakes. This shrine is on the northern side of the stupa…we are lighting lamps making prayersthat the Naga Kings please bring prosperity and good health to all!
May all negativities in this world be removed and may positive situations appear everywhere! May the lights from our holy stupa radiate to all beings bringing everyone a perfect New Year with good health and happiness!  

From the top of the stupa the yellow, saffron water began to be poured into looping yellow lotus petals

I then red the names that friends, family and the Tara Dhatu sangha submitted.

I prayed…

On this auspicious day, the first day of 2021, May the power of our prayers and offerings from the Holy Hill of Swayambhu spread to all beings in this world!

May this horrible Coronavirus be quickly overcome, may vaccines be available to all and may the situations in every country return to their normal state so all can again have normal, happy, healthy lives! 

Those traveling through the Bardo, the intermediate stage after death, may their pastnegativities be removed and then may they be lead along the correct path so they attain a perfect human rebirth…I then read the names of those who passed away…

Those who are sick, may they quickly recover from whatever sickness they have and may the rest of their life be healthy and full of joy and happiness! I then read all of the  names of those who are now sick…

May all the sponsors, their family, friends and all other beings have excellent healthand a long life filled with happiness and success in all they do! I then read all the names that had been given to me…

On this auspicious day, May the power of our prayers and offerings, hereon the Holy Hill of Swayambhu, spread to all beings in the world! May all have happy healthy and positive situations! 

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