May Special Price Offer Kauai Retreat 2015

An Exceptional Opportunity

We have a great offer for you.

Huge Discount for the Kauai Tara Retreat

May/June Special Offer:

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$500 for a week in Paradise

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Because of the small number of people registering for our August Camp on the North Shore of Kauai, we are left with a tricky situation. If we cancel the camp we risk loosing not only our deposit but also our position in securing the future dates that are the best weather for our purposes…..calm ocean, limited rain, gentle breezes…..truly an experience of paradise.

We have come up with an idea….. we can drop the price – and strip things down a bit to make it possible for us to move forward. For this year only – for people who are willing to fully engage in the infrastructure of the camp….meal preparation and clean up, set up, break down, bathroom and cabin maintenance.  We will dance, sing, pray, play, cook, and clean together in community.

This means we will have limited staff so all campers will work together to help the camp function and flow. We will relax the schedule somewhat in order to make space for this engagement.

Prema will orchestrate the day’s events and teachings. The elements will remain much the same as in previous years but somewhat rearranged to allow us all to work together to prepare meals, etc.

Teachers and staff will accept  dana to support their efforts.

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Hawaii Dreaming

Come join us in retreat on Kauai this year.

 August 15-23, 2015

There is no substitute for retreat. It is a time to dive deeply into all that sustains us throughout the year. We need inspiration and a sense of communal support.


Considering the great dance of impermanence, do not take for granted the opportunities offered to you this year to retreat. We do not know how long our teachers will be with us, offering all of their gifts , encouraging us to go as deeply as possible into the essence of our own mind’s freedom.


Camping on the ocean’s edge in Kauai we are so in touch with the powerful elements of our world. The sun, the wind, the sea, the towering green mountains…the elements are powerful on the North Shore and we are in the most sublime situation to merge with them, to honor them to deepen in their message to us.

Need Your Support
There is one more thing to consider. The facility we rent is in high demand during August, the best weather for that area. Ocean is usually calm, limited rain, excellent soft tropical breezes mark mid August. If we do not maintain our reservation we risk loosing this preferred position. We need your support to be able to continue sharing this work in this exceptional spot on the North Shore.


The retreats are the place where we can really deeply receive the transmission, where we can assemble the mandala in a comfortable way…..and can train our budding dance leaders.

So let us know asap if you can join us in Kauai this year. We need to know that we have enough reservations to cover the costs of running the camp.

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 Contact Parvati, the registrar at:

If you cannot join us, consider sponsoring someone who would like to attend. We have an excellent Scholarship Program.



Scholarships Available for Young Adults
We have raised enough money to sponsor three YOUNG ADULT SCHOLARSHIPS… if you know of a Young Adult from the ages of 18-30 who would like to help with the infrastructure of the camp in exchange for full tuition paid…..let Maurizia know. It is precious to have the youth with us…..and precious for them to be exposed to these powerful teachings.

Click Here to Learn More About The Young Adult Scholarship Fund and Retreat Opportunity



Comments from former Kauai Camps
Here are some comments from previous campers….

“….inspiring and empowering.”

“…outstanding, well organized.”

“…solid teachings, variety of activities, the power and beauty of the dances.”

“… a wonderful and fun way to learn about Tara and the Dharma.

…. a beautiful paradise Kauai … great way to meet amazing goddess sisters from all over.”

“…. rich with learning, people helped me kindly and welcomed me graciously”

“….. insightful for everyday guidance.”

“…the central axis of my year, guaranteed deep spiritual nourishment & transformation”

“…great feeling of community, positive energy.”

“…great dancing…great music”

“…Prema’s dharma talks are precious, an extraordinary opportunity to sit with her.”

‘…yogic practice with Phyllis was restorative, relaxing, very peaceful and loving.”

“….Myri is so delightful and a great teacher.”

“…precious Parvati, always ready to help…”

“…delicious, healthy, abundant food, I felt nurtured and satisfied.”

“…always a joy to be part of this offering on Kauai-beauty, beauty, beauty.”

“…such amazing fun, an experience I won’t forget.”

Join us in dancing for world peace, for inspiration, for joy.

May Mother Tara Continue

To Pour Her Light

Upon Us All

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