Moon Faced Rinpoche

Due to the modern wonder of Facebook I was contacted by a very dear young man that I knew before he was a breath in his mother’s belly. In 1987 while living and studying dance in Orissa, India I was asked to find a group of nuns that were living in the jungle. Their teacher, Ani Jetsun Drolma was a profound and accomplished yogini. She had recently died and the nuns were without any support. I traveled through remote areas to find them and wrote several stories about them…..

One of Ani Jetsun’s close students, Jangchub Choden, had a child and Tara Dhatu gave her a lot of support during this difficult time. She discovered that her child was a Tulku in the Drukpa Kagyu tradition. I met him when he was not even two years old. It was a remarkable meeting.

I had not seen or heard from them since those early years as the humanitarian outreach was taken care of by other members of our organization. And when I was in the Darjeeling area they were not, so I did not know how things went for them. I knew that Rinpoche had several monasteries in Ladakh. Then out of the blue….I get this email…..

Hello how are you ? I hope you fine and receiving lots of blessings from Tara. I’m Langna Rinpoche from Darjeeling. my mother’s name is Jangchup Chodon and she lives in Rewalsar, Tsopema,  one of Guru Rinpoche’s sacred holy places. She is practicing

Jangchub Choden, Rinpoche's mother.

dharma. This day I’m at Rewalsar with my mom. She was telling me about you. Here Ani Samten-la, one of the nuns, also knows you {Tara Dhatu supports Ani Samten} I hope you remember us. We always pray for your long life and our sponsor, Jackie Johnson’s long life.

I wrote back immediately and he answered….

Hello Mom,

We are very happy to receive your mail. Soon I will be going to retreat for some months in Dechen Chokhor Monastery in  Himachal Pradesh. It is in Bhuntar near Kulu- Manali . This is the  same branch of my monastery in Ladakh. This monastery was built by H. E. Chogon Rinpoche. He is our second boss of Drukpa Kargyu lineage and now he lives in Seattle USA for many years.

Most of the time I live in Bhuntar and Ladakh. My father lives in Darjeeling.

We bought a small land and built a small house near Kalu Rinpoche’s Monastery in Sonada.

( asked if he was teaching the dharma)

Ya sometimes I’m teaching about KARMA in my own monastery in Ladakh. We do ten million mantras of Avalokiteshwara and Padmasambhava and Amitabha every year so at that time I have to give them empowerment and teaching.

Korzok Gompa is my monastery 136 mile from Leh in Ladakh . You can  find from facebook search write Tsomoriri or Korzok Monastery. It is the oldest monastery in Ladakh, around 300 years. i have 65 monks in Korzok Monastery, 30 young monks under the age of 15 and 35 older monks age 20 to 60. We have a small school for young monks . We have a teacher problem. I want to do something for the monks and the monastery  but I can’t do anything this time. First I must finish my retreat and after I hope to travel to western countries and get help for the monasteries. I have three monasteries in Ladakh and two in Tibet but all are very old and very difficult to repair.

I would love to hear  from you again and again. Please take care of  your self and know that we pray for your health.

your moon faced Sangay Temphel  he he (in the article about him as a child…..his name was Sangay Temphel, this was before he was officially confirmed as a tulku, and I described him having  a round moon face…I guess he liked reading about that)

Sangye Temphel, the moon faced child, with pet rat (see story

Oh, I forgot to say I like your Taradhatu Web site.

Tashi Delek

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