Myri Leads Cincinnati Sangha in Dancing Tara

Myri Dakini

Myri Dakini

Nita Rose


Nita-Rose has been leading a circle of dancing Taras at her sacred abode in Cincinnati for several years. She invited Myri Dakini to share a weekend of Tara Dhatu dances. She writes…

Our Tara Sangha in Cincinnati experienced an incredibly beautiful week-end workshop this October led by Myri Dakini. It was something sacred, something powerful, something beyond words … the deep connection of a community who collectively turn the mind towards awakening … using the methods of powerful visualization, uniting the voice in mantra, the sound filling the room as with one voice… the dance … a moving meditation …. swaying bodies swirling and turning and linking arms … embodying ancient spiritual practices through movement so beautifully choreographed …

When immersed like this, with the community in one pointed concentration, led by a devoted and skillfully trained teacher, it creates an incredible energy.  It felt as if we were in another time and place, as if we were transported into a heavenly realm … wrapped in a blissful embrace … held in the arms of the Divine Mother.

Cincinati group

The participants have been writing to me as they continue to experience the lingering fragrance of this week-end of devotional, sacred dance.

I am so grateful to Prema for creating this expression of the teachings, this profound method of embodying the practice as a community.

I echo the refuge prayer with heart felt sincerity. I am inspired, my path supported by my won

derful teachers.  I am deeply grateful for Prema’s dedication as she continues to turn the wheel of the dharma by training teachers like Myri who are able to led workshops with the skill and the power that set up the conditions for a truly transformative experience.

With Gratitude,


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