Myri Leads Tara Dances in Argentina

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 Norma is a Level 1 Facilitator in the Tara Dhatu Student Teacher Program. She attended the 2012 Tara retreat in Brasilia and resolved to take Tara’s dances to her community. She invited Myri 17-19 November, to teach a weekend retreat at “Rio Quarto” in the Cordoba area, southern Argentina….

She writes:

Our meeting truly connected, for me, Wisdom, Compassion and Power. It awakened the divine feminine through the dances of Tara.  It was another round of the key to take off my veils, to let go of my resistances and defenses and open into the deep path of the Divine in my inner being.

Chanting the motivation prayer, ” I an here”, renewed an awakening I had a few years ago through my ancestors. My grandparents instructed me that in the ritual of life, it’s sacred meaning, is to heal the suffering of the human beings. In Tara’s Dance I feel I have fully encountered that essence.

This practice shakes me. It connects me with three important things: the presence of an Enlightened Mother for all, Her protection beyond this world of illusion and the abundance of life lived in awareness.

The meeting at “Rio Quarto”, was an opening for subtle levels of great power, really necessary in this moment in this piece of land called Argentina. According to my ancestors everything that exists in the universe has spirit and life. The rocks, wind, sun, moon, earth, water, rain, trees, plants and animals,  speak with us.

Rain  was abundant during the three days of our retreat,  thunder and lightning was very strong.  There was a precious moment on Sunday, a great thunderbolt hit the earth while we were dancing White Tara. Many of the dancers felt that supernatural beings, our sources of refuge, were using this gesture to show us how, through this practice, we can awaken the power within,  let go of all negativities and achieve the inner power of healing.

The commitment and ability of Myri to transmit and teach was profound. She enabled us all to work with the wind, the rain and the challenges of the very structure we were dancing in. We all offer her a great thanks for her devotion and love!

We also thank Prema for her sublime inspiration!

Om Tare!

With hugs, from heart to heart,




 Nina Schauffert is a Level 1 Tara Dhatu Student Teacher Facilitator in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was Myri’s second stop on her tour.

21 November she organized an evening of “Dancing Tara in Her Radiance with Myri Dakini!” she writes…..


It was a beautiful meeting, deepening in the sacred art, dancing in the Mandala of the 21 Praises of Tara! Myri is a dancer who transmits a special sensitivity to allow is to engage with the true purpose of the dance, to develop wisdom, compassion and power with the intention to benefit all beings!!

Her strong presence allowed us to enter the subtle universe of Mother Tara, dancing, singing and celebrating this Divine Power within us all with gratitude, love and friendship!



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