Prema Dancing & Singing in Brazil

Prema taught and toured throughout the spring and summer. She had a fabulous two months in Brazil. In our last newsletter she shared photo essays of her time in Natal and the magic Isla of Fernando de Naranho. Here’s a few more highlights. Enjoy the photos. Hope they tempt you to join us in the precious land of Brazil.

Enjoy these photo essays chronicling the Tara dancing, spinning and twirling of Prema’s ongoing activities in Brazil.

Gallery 1 – Florianopolis

A Full Moon Weekend of dance and dharma in Florianopolis,
an island off the far south eastern coast of Brasil.

Gallery 3 – Brasilia

Myri was called away from Brasilia to tend to her dying father. Her students determined to give Prema a good time by taking her to some of the magnificent waterfalls in the area.

Gallery 3 – Sky Dancers

Alto Paraiso is an area famous for its waterfalls and artists. Prema led a weekend retreat on the wisdom dakinis. This photo album includes some marvelous photos of Brasilia.

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