Prema’s Boyz Behind the Scenes

David (left) & Joshua (right)

In August of 2012, Prema welcomed two new caretakers and students into her life. They have since become a fundamental part of Prema’s life as well as Tara Dhatu.  This is a bit of their story:

Joshua and David left Louisiana in May of 2012 to embark on an adventure without a return date. They shed their routines, gave up their jobs, schooling, homes and personal belongings to follow a Divine call to take a leap of faith into the unknown.

They left their comfort zones behind with the intent to explore new territory, and to integrate themselves wherever they could be of most benefit to all beings.  Their call was heard and met with swift action!  After several auspicious connections were made, the boys were ferried across the ocean and straight to Prema, who was in need of caretakers for her sacred land on Maui.

David, Prema & Joshua ( left to right )

A year has passed, and the boys have engaged deeply with the Tara practices as students. They have also integrated themselves into the work of Tara Dhatu and the life of our dearest teacher Prema in many ways.  The boys have taken great strides to assist Prema with the sustainable growth, development and beautification of her land.  No matter the task, the boys embrace each activity together with wisdom and compassion.  Joshua has become the Publicity and Design Manager for Tara Dhatu, responsible for web presence, media editing and graphic design.  David has become Prema’s financial bookeeper, personal office assistant and extraordinary handyman.  Both are involved in the management of Tara Dhatu’s online dharma emporium, as well as the dharma shop on Maui.

We are grateful for their wonderful, talented service, sincere dedication and good humor.

Blessings Abound.

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