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Great White Umbrella Protectoress

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Tara appears in many forms and colors in order to inspire and awaken us.

One of Her most treasured forms is “Dukkar,” a radiant white goddess with a thousand arms that protect and assist. In the center of the palm of each hand there is an eye that watches over all beings, with the power of Her active compassion. She has a thousand faces, representing her omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent nature. She holds a White Umbrella, one of the eight sacred symbols of Tibetan Buddhism. An umbrella offers protection and refuge from searing heat and drenching rains. Dukkar offers psychological protection and refuge in the face of life’s confusion and suffering.

She turns aside all enemies, dangers and hatred. Her form is beautiful.
Her main left hand holds a white umbrella, her main right hand holds the golden wheel of the dharma, upholding the precious teachings of enlightenment.

Dukkar is invoked to protect us from the eight great fears: the lion of arrogance, the elephant of ignorance, the fire of anger, the snake of jealousy, the thieves of wrong ideas, the prison of greed, the ocean of attachment, the demon of doubt. She is often depicted treading upon these sources of suffering, suppressing and binding them through her boundless energy and compassion.

She is surrounded by flames radiating indomitable energy. She stands upon a lotus blossom representing her complete purity of body, speech, and mind and the awakened power of Her feminine wisdom.
The beautiful melody for this song of praise was written by Lisa Theil. Elizabeth Breck originally created the dance. Dance and music was later modified by Prema Dasara. In this video Prema offers the dance with great joy.

We Offer This Prayer, Invoking And Celebrating Dukkar’s Presence In Our Life
Dukkar, White Tara of wisdom and compassion.
Great protective Mother
Your White Umbrella gives protection and refuge
From the searing heat and drenching rains of our uncontrolled emotions.

Victorious One, saving all from nature’s fury
Your thousand eyes watch over us,
your thousand arms protect and assist
You are the power of compassionate action

Your mantra eliminates our fears
Fearless deity, through your practice
The magical designs of our enemies can not harm us
You heal illnesses, dispel misfortune and bring auspiciousness

You sprang from the top knot of Shakyamuni Buddha
An exquisitely beautiful yet terrifying goddess, garlanded with flames
You cannot be defeated
You turn the golden wheel of the precious dharma

Holding The white umbrella, symbol of royal protection
Your thousand faces are omnipotent and omniscient
Your hands hold the weapons of power
You are indestructible.

You protect all from the 8 Fears

You protect all from the snake of jealousy
You protect all from the fire of anger
You protect all from the ocean of desire
You protect all from the lion of arrogance

You protect all from the prison of greed
You protect all from the elephant of ignorance
You protect all from the thief of wrong ideas
You protect all from the demon of doubt

Radiating boundless energy
Great Beauty,
With purity of body, speech and Mind
Dukkar, White Tara of Infinite Protection

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