Ruth Denison – Dancing in the Clouds

Ruth at a retreat in Wood Valley on the Big Island

A dear friend and profound dharma teacher, Ruth Denison passed away Thursday morning, February 26, 2015, at her Joshua Tree home, surrounded by loved ones.

Ruth is a Great Soul. She was a pioneer, a profound dharma teacher who integrated dance and movement in her teachings of Vipassana.

Ruth’s personal journey began in Nazi Germany where, as a young woman, she struggled to survive.  She immigrated to California in 1957 where she met and married Henry Denison, a spiritual seeker and former Advaita Vedanta monk.

Through the sixties and seventies their beautiful home in the Hollywood hills hosted many seekers who shared their explorations in new consciousness.  Such illuminati as Alan Watts, Aldous and Laura Huxley, Fritz Perls, U.G. Krishnamurti, and Timothy Leary were all part of their circle.  In addition Ruth and Henry traveled extensively throughout Asia and Europe to study with the foremost spiritual teachers of the twentieth century.

My husband met Ruth and Henry in India where they developed a close friendship. We visited them often at their home and enjoyed many hours of their fantastic stories.

Ruth was treated by the literati as an eccentric, but her teacher, the Burmese master U Ba Khin, recognized her inner accomplishments and encouraged her to be a dharma teacher.

Ruth was playful, innovative and highly creative. She never wore robes, dressing in colorful outfits, costume jewelry and marvelous hats.

She was a dear woman, adored by her students. I can easily imagine her dancing in the clouds as we think of her during this time of transition.

Dance on, Ruth!! Thanks for the great inspiration of your life and teachings. I pray we may meet again in auspicious circumstances.

Prema Dasara



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