Season of Sangha’s Creative Wisdom Manifest

We asked you to share your creative explorations into your Tara practice.  Here is a sample of the tremendous talent and creativity in our Tara Sangha. We thank each one of you who shared your special Tara art with us.  Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha!

Here’s an art doll I made in January 2015, inspired by Green Tara.
I’m looking so forward to seeing what beautiful art this sangha shares! Thanks for marking July as a month to celebrate this community and this profound practice and path!

Om Tare!
~Beth Anne in Indiana


This is an art form I do called encaustic. It is painting with a mixture of beeswax, pigment, and tree resin. This piece of Green Tara is in a custom frame I made.

~ Jasmine of The Island of Hawaii


A few years ago when I was home ill for a few months. I started making Tara Hearts. My husband was making them out of plaster and I was listening to the Tara meditation CD and I started getting ideas about hearts for the different praises. I’m not an artist and I really wasn’t sure I could manifest the visions I was getting of the different heart praises . Here are a few: Sublime Intelligence, All Victorious, Transformer of Poisons, Serene Peace, Ferocious Compassion, Remover of Sorrow. In general, I was really pleased with how they turned out. I ended up doing about twelve hearts until we ran out of Hearts to paint and I got better physically, mentally and spiritually and went back to work. Now they are adorning my alters.                    

~Amina of Tempe, Arizona


In 2006, when Hurricane Rita left us without electricity for nine days, I spent hours at my table in the carport cutting out tiny scraps of fabric by hand and stitching entirely by hand a doll-size  Civil War-style quilt.  I enjoyed this so much that I grabbed my box of gorgeous Asian style fabrics with their rich colors and metallic gold accents. I simply stitched  different 2- inch blocks alternating with beautiful white- on- white squares. But something needed  to go in that square. I love the shape of TAM and embroidered that in each white square. Since that time, I am never without my “TAM” kit and have made several of these tiny wall hangings. It is a delightful form of practice.

~ Lilliha of the Louisiana swamps & Tara Dahtu’s secretary


On Sept 2, 2016 Rhiannon of Seattle posted this lovely painting…

“I just wanted to post a little painting I did of White Tara today. I hope you are having a lovely day, Tara Friends.”


Eana Rose of Kauai created the beautiful Tara mask to the left by making a mold on her own face with plaster strips.


Hello! I am a gourd folk artist and I was inspired to make this after participating in my first dance offering! This is a representation of Purple Tara!

Om Tare!   ~Robyn Crosa of Atlanta, GA


This is but a small of taste of the Tara talent that abounds. Keep an eye out for our regular newsletters and Face Book posts where the creative offerings of the community members are often featured. If you would like to submit something for an upcoming post email us.

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