Phoenix Area

Meeting for over fifteen years, the Phoenix Area Tara Sangha has generated a strong central circle of enthused and experienced Tara practitioners. Gatherings are comprised of participants who range in age and in experience. Meetings happen the third Sunday of each month from 3:30-5 pm and welcome all to join. Check out their web site
for information about meetings, special events and other area tidbits or view the Circle’s Face Book Page.

The Phoenix circle is under the direction of Parvati Forrest Anee Burke. She is a level four mentor and the Assistant Director of the Tara Dhatu Student Teacher Program . She traveled on pilgrimage with Tara Dhatu to India in 2001  and 2013 as well as Indonesia in 2015.  She has facilitated the Phoenix Valley Tara Mandala since it began to meet in 2001.

Parvati Forrest Burke

Phone: (602) 412-7386

Amina Kruck
Phone: (602) 980-1155

Amina leads a monthly Women’s Empowerment Group
on the last Monday of the month from 1-3pm
at the Ability360 Sports and Fitness Center, upstairs yoga room.


Cynthia Knox

Khadaravani Tara Ling Tara Dance group

meets  once a month at a private residence

Please contact Cynthia for information and to join her circle


Cynthia Knox   phone (928-607-0344



Jacquelyn Sendak
Phone: (510) 525-2343
Jacquelyn and her husband Rigzin
are both members of Tara Dhatu Educational Programs

Tara dance facilitator Rev

Jacquelyn Sendak-Zavaleta Joined Tara Dhatu student teacher program in 2000, and has danced on pilgrimages in Nepal, India, & Japan. She has danced in Az, Hawaii, Ca, and facilitated Intro to Tara dance programs in New Mexico, Vermont, Virginia, and Ca. She studied and received empowerments of Tara & others from Lama Kunga, Jetsuma of Sakya school, Namkai Norbu RINPOCHE (Dzogchen Master), His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Karmapa, Lama Tenzin Wangyal, etc. Currently she Leads a Community Sacred Dance Circle in Albany, Ca. And has also studied two lineages of Tibetan Yoga.

Rigdzin Zavaleta, her husband, is in Tara Dhatu Student teacher program, and will be leads the meditation. He has received many Tara & other empowerments from various Tibetan Masters from several traditions. He has been a practitioner about 45 years and is able to clearly communicate how to do GuruYoga practice of becoming One with Deity.

He assisted the dancers on the Tara pilgrimage in 2001 to India and Nepal. In 2010 he danced as protector in Japan, Ca., and Tara camp in Hawaii.


Pia Hagan
Phone: (650) 451-2616

Pia travels for her work but holds a meeting in Pacifica/San Fransisco bay area once a month when she is home. She also occasionally offers gatherings while on the road. Contact her to see where is gathering Tara Dancers.  Please contact her if you would like to know about her gathering in the SF California bay area.  Thank you Pia <3



Deanna Palumbo
Phone: (404) 431-1136

The circle in Georgia has inaugurated a wonderful program of sharing the Tara Dance go to for more information or view the Atlanta Tara Dance Face Book page



Eana Rose

Shortly after the Tara Dance was born on the island of Maui, Prema took the dance to Kauai at the invitation of Eana Rose. Prema made a commitment to the Kauai dancers to offer the Tara dance there once a year and to this date has kept this commitment for over 30 years. Eana Rose was one of the first Tara dancers to enter the Tara Dhatu Student Teacher Program (STP). Eana traveled with TaraDhatu on the 2001 Pilgrimage to India and Nepal as well as 2015 Bali, 2017 Brasilia, 2018 Tara Monalm in Brasilia and 2019 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  In the first decade of 2000 eana brought the dance to Canada, Seattle, Idaho land Santa Cruz California . She has kept the dance turning on a regular basis on Kauai since 2000 at a lovely temple she built behind her house on the lush north shore of Kauai. Presently we hold a Tara Dance circle on the 3rd Sunday of each month at the Golden Lotus Studio in Kapaa, Kauai.

Eana is a Level 4 Mentor of the dance while Trishana Star and Robin Mazor also contribute to the Monthly dance circle as level 2 and 3. We gather on the 3rd Sunday of each month for a Tara Dance circle. We dance the full Mandala or the short Dance the Goddess version each meeting as well as the many other Dances of Tara Dhatu and the many manifestations of the buddha goddess Tara.

We invite you to visit the Kauai Tara Dance Facebook page
Eana Rose
Phone: (808) 828 0138
cell (808) 353-1071
Visit Eana’s website


The Tara Dance was born on Maui in 1986 and some of the original dancers are still dancing!!!! Dechen and Kachina have held things together since Prema started traveling so extensively. Now Barbara has joined the Tara Dance Student/teachers program. With their dedication a monthly meeting is happening. When Prema is home on Maui she gathers for a Tara Dance practice twice a month, on the new moon and the full moon. 

Kachina Palencia

Phone: (808) 874 7412

Dechen Groode

Phone: (808) 879 5554

Barbara Gach

Phone: (808) 298-3187


Baton Rouge/New Orleans Area

Renee Ishtara

Phone number 225 305 4554


Adrianne LaBry connected with the Tara Dance through a Mandala Offering held at Jessica’s church in Baton Rouge. The Dance touched a deep place within and she gathered a small group of dancers and started a weekly meeting. Encouraged to look for dharma centers in her area she connected with Katog Choling and has facilitated the dance meditation of Tara’s 21 Qualities monthly at Katog Ratna Ling dharma center.For more information about the circle in Lafayette please contact Adrianne

Adrianne LaBry Smith

Phone: (337)739-2597


The Northport Lotus Mandala meets every Sunday, 4:30pm – 6pm.

Located on the Leelanau Peninsula, in  the town of Northport, 26 miles north of Traverse City. 

Contact Marie Elena for further details.

Marie Elena Gaspari

Phone: (231)633-632



Jenny Malika Mish

Phone: (574) 344-3989

New York


Elena Lopez Sans

Phone: (718) 788-890

More than 10 years ago Elena heard about the Tara dance and was in touch with the adventures of Tara Dhatu through its newsletter emails. She decided to celebrate one special birthday and attended the Tara Mandala with Prema and Anahata in Winston Salem, North Carolina. She was inspired to learn to teach the dance and went to the Tara Camp on Kauai. The Tara Retreat was a wonderful experience and she committed to offer the Tara Dance every full moon. She lives in Brooklyn, New York, and when the weather is nice she has a loyal group join her in Prospect Park or, when the weather is not so accommodating, at Patsy’s house, one of the Tara dancers. She often travels to Barcelona, Spain, the land of her birth, and has started initiating her friends there in the joys of Tara’s Dance.

New Lebanon

Aimee Johnson

Phone: (413)358-8203

Aimée  has been an enthusiastic devotee of Tara ever since encountering the Mandala Dance of the 21 Praises of Tara in 2001. She has danced Tara in Brazil, Bali, and Kauai, as well as numerous times at the Abode of the Message, the Sufi community in upstate New York where she has lived since 1988. She facilitates a monthly Tara Circle in the Meditation Hall at the Abode.

Om Tare! Aimée Brodeur Johnson

North Carolina

Winston Salem

Mekare Fiske

Phone: (336) 761 1427

After the sublime blessing of meeting Prema and dancing the Tara Dance for the first time in 1995 in Fayetteville, Arkansas, Mekare commited to bringing the Tara Dance as often as possible to North Carolina. It all began in the fall of 1997, when Prema and Anahata arrived in Winston-Salem. A full Mandala with protectors and a large group of children spontaneously arose from this somewhat conservative southern town. It was so very powerful! Women from this original Tara Dance are still dancing in NC. The wheel began turning with such joy.

Tara Circles began meeting in 1999 in North Carolina, after Mekare was invited by Mary Miller Stair of Asheville to lead the Mantra dance for a large DUP circle. The response was so overwhelming that with Prema’s blessing, Mekare traveled to Asheville from her home in Winston-Salem one Sunday a month for a year and a half leading a wonderful circle of Tara Dancers, which culminated with bringing Prema and Anahata to Asheville for the third full Mandala Dance weekend in NC. Three glorious women from the Asheville circle, Anna, Jan, and Susan, went on the 2001 Pilgrimage.

Mekare then established a Tara Circle in her hometown of Winston-Salem where a small but devoted group danced together as often as possible in living rooms, gardens, and porches. Tara has also danced her blessings at a funeral, a croning ceremony, birthday celebrations, a New Year’s ceremony, and numerous gatherings for the healing of our world.



Nita-Rose Augsbach


Phone: (513) 510-9347

Embodying meditation through a combination of powerful visualizations, beautiful devotional mantras and meditative movement.  Deity-Yoga meditation offer the opportunity for a deeply moving experience within the Tara Temple.  The Tara Temple is  a beautiful red cedar wood cabana built behind our home for this sacred meditation practice.  During COVID in order to maintain social distancing and safely engage in the practice we are being hosted by various yoga studios in the area who are able to accommodate the circle.  Please e-mail me for the current address.  

 Where: Please call to confirm the location.  

                              6820 High Meadows Drive,                        

    Cincinnati, Ohio  45230

(In the “Tara Temple” located behind the house)


I pray that you come, Arya Tara

Everything is in readiness for you.

I offer the first blossoms of spring,

The fragrance of  incense,

 A fresh candle on the altar,

The music of your Mantra singing in my mind,

  My dancing heart

You appear before me 

That I may gaze upon the splendor of your beauty

And realize that beauty within me



Anjali Maazel

Phone: 512-203-2012

Austin Tara Circle meets in Austin and Wimberley to study and practice the precious teachings of our lineage. We offer monthly gatherings in each city as well as special events for the community.  Our goal is to celebrate the Divine Feminine in the form of Tara; in this way, we deepen our connection to our own wisdom nature so that we may be able to empower others on the path.  Please follow us on FB as we will be developing a new program in the fall with the wish to study and dance the Praises in greater depth and be able to offer the Mandala Dance locally for the benefit of all. And if you are in the Austin area or are planning to visit, please contact us. We would love to support you on the journey. Om Tare!

here are some more links for Anjali’s activity in the Austin area

Austin Tara Web Page

Austin Tara Facebook

Austin Tara Meetup

Kathryn Henderson

Phone: 979-575-0780

I founded the Austin Tara Circle in 2006 when we danced the Mandala with Prema and 31 women at the Waldorf School. As an academic who lives two hours from Austin, I am thrilled to be joined by Anjali and Elizabeth as teachers in expanding our Tara practice to the Tibetan Temple and surrounding areas and excited about our new plans to hopefully be able to make the practice available to institutionalized and troubled women in the future. 

Elizabeth Gergaud

Phone: (512)507-6721

Austin  Tara Circle student teacher Elizabeth Gergaud is a Facilitator of Tara Dance.  She leads monthly Tara Dance gatherings at Palri Pema Od Ling, a tibetan buddhist meditation center in Austin.  She is a student of Prema Dasara, Creatrix of the Tara Dances, and a Nyingma buddhist Practitioner at PPOL.  She loves how both lineages support and deepen her practice and understanding of Tara and she loves to share the inspiring and transformative power of the Tara Dances.     Elizabeth leads two meetings at PPOL.   Mid-month meetings focus on an in-depth study of the 21 Taras’. Each month we dance and study one of the 21 wisdom forms of Tara. On the 8th tibetan calendar day we gather to dance the Healing Dances of Tara, focusing on White Tara and Medicine Buddha.  

For more information about meetings find Austin Tara Circle at

The North West

Vancouver WA & Portland Oregon

Phyllis Moses

Phone:   425-922-0268

Phyllis Moses lived on Maui when the Tara Dance first began and felt an affinity with the Dance from the beginning. Seeing how the dance evolved and grew over the years, and how many people benefit from it, she was  inspired (by Tara, of course!) to hold the monthly dance offerings at her home in Kirkland, Washington, near Seattle.

Phyllis has now moved to Vancouver WA  very near Portland Oregon, thus this listing under Oregon.  She offers the practice every month alternating between Vancouver WA and Portland Oregon.

To visit Phyllis’s personal website….. 

Olympia, Washington

Kim Abbey
the 2nd Sundays of each month
Nalanda Institute of Olympia, 12:15 – 1:30pm

Kim Abby leads Tara Dance and Meditation Circle at Nalanda Institute of Olympia
1620 4th Ave. E. Olympia

 Phone her at 206-387-6134  

Eastsound, Orcas Island, Washington

Julia Sanders-Dobos

Phone: (370)376-8272


Salt Lake City

Lanette Rose Best

Phone: (801)  349-0006



Ivy Garlynd

Phone: (608) 257 3802

Costa Rica

Judith Arnold

Eden Retreat Center, Costa Rica

Tara Practice – Dates to be announced

Dances of Universal Peace – 3rd Sunday of the month

Rev.Dr.Jude Arnold
888 874 9642 voice message
506 8566 4740 call or text