Tara Dances in Caxias do Sul, South Brazil: by Michele Trentin

Michele Trentin is the owner/director of Rakaça Temple of Dance in Caxias do Sul, South Brazil. On 10 – 12 October 2014 she organized a workshop at her school featuring the Mandala Dance of the 21 Praises of Tara.  Myri Dakini, the Central Coordinator of Tara Dhatu South America, flew down from Brasilia to lead the workshop. Michele writes…..

With great happiness we received Myri Dakini in our dance school to conduct a weekend retreat of the Tara Mandala  Offering Dance. The group was composed mostly of students from Rakaça Temple of Dance. Several women from other Southern Brazilian cities joined us, many of them experienced in the Mandala of Tara Practices.

Friday night we had a great opening class full of powerful dancing energies. Saturday and Sunday we went deep into the practice of the Mandala. We received many dharma teachings from Myri. She led us with so much love, care and profound dedication.

There were 27 women from 19 to 76 years old dancing.  During the practice the dancers found themselves more deeply involved and opened to the energy that was being generated by the practice. Many of us cried during the practice sessions, feeling the special and intense energy of Tara moving around and within us.

We had moments of deep meditation dancing inside the Mandala that touched us all profoundly! We felt the sublime blessings of Mother Tara´s energy and love!

Sunday afternoon we offered the Dance of the Mandala of Tara for relatives and friends of the dancers. Everyone was very emotional watching the Taras be born and sharing their empowerment.

At the end of the offering, Myri invited the audience to join us in some circle dances to celebrate our great weekend together. It was such a  precious and auspicious experience!

During the  days that followed the retreat, many of the dancers that participated shared with me their deep feelings about the experience.  There were reports of special dreams, experiences of deep peace and inner space, an upwelling of love and care. They were touched by Tara´s love and energy!

We are all very grateful to be part of this blessed path! We offer all the blessings that we receive when we are together in the name of Tara that our joy may be shared with all beings!!! Svaha!

We  send our special love to the International Tara Dancing Sangha, to Prema, to Myri and to all the great mentors of this practice that leads us into the heart of the truth and supports us in our aspirations as student-teachers to share this blessed and beautiful path that is the Mandala of Tara . May this circle always turn, generating  great benefit to our world!

With gratitude and love.


Michele Trentin, Tara Dhatu  South America Facilitator, Level 1

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