Tara Dances In South Africa

Nita-Rose, one of our Tara Dhatu Dance facilitators, took a group of the Tara Dance community in Cincinnati to her former sangha in South Africa. They shared White Tara and the Six Shields with them. Nita-Rose reports ….

My sangha in South African truly loved the experience of White Tara. The group from our Tara circle in Cincinnati, Ohio that traveled with me made it really easy to share the feeling of the practice.

We  loved seeing how much my South African Tashi Ling Sangha enjoyed it. It was wonderful being able to offer it to them. We are so grateful for the beauty of what has been created with this music and meditation.

The Tara’s in Cincinnati that shared the dance in South Africa were amazed at how much they have grown and learned having taken the workshops with Parvati and with Prema. They helped me teach the dance and realized how far they had come with the practice. It was especially precious to share it with a community that already does Tara practice. It moved them deeply, they embraced the practice with so much love

We are looking forward to dancing with Myri in October. Our male Tara’s are very excited that they will be learning the male deity practice of Guru Rinpoche.

I have left all the information with Melanie who is leading Tashi Ling if they would like to continue the practice about how to connect with Tara Dhatu and how to download the music meditation. However, Melanie does not have a computer and the sudden power black outs, limited wifi and internet connections that are painfully slow make this unlikely.

Mounting crime makes it difficult to get anything by post into the country. There is a deep need for healing on many levels.  By sharing the White Tara Dance of the 6 shields we brought nourishment and healing as our gift.

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