Tara Dancing in Morocco, Spain & Brooklyn

Elena and the Black Madona of Monserrat

Elena Lopez Sans is a Tara Dance teacher. This year she shared the Tara Dance in her place of residence, Brooklyn, New York; in her birth place, Barcelona, Spain; and at a yoga retreat in Morocco. She writes….

Once a month for the past several years I have facilitated a circle of the Tara Dance in a park in Brooklyn.  I recently started to offer the Tara dance at a Senior Center where I teach yoga. It is nice to see the Tara Dance adapted to a chair.  When I asked the seniors if they would like to learn a sacred dance I was very cautious but they surprised me with their open-mindedness. They really get something from the dance of Tara’s Qualities.

In Spain I love staying with my dad, sharing some moments with my lifelong friends, reconnecting with my roots.  I always lead the Tara Dance with some of my close friends.

Every year we go to Montserrat, about an hour from Barcelona, to Dance Tara.  Montserrat is a very powerful mountain sacred to Our Black Madonna.   Many years ago I belonged to a dance company. The director of the company lived in a cave and we would visit her at the top of the mountain. We had rehearsals with her  and then went to dance in the city, in churches and in the street.  Montserrat was our point of inspiration and creation.

Exciting and exotic Morocco


This year me and my friends also danced Tara at Montjuich park, another magical place in the city of Barcelona.

Last Christmas I held three wonderful gatherings of the Tara Dance in exciting and exotic Morocco. The first was in Marrakesh where I taught a yoga workshop. We had 20 Taras including 2 women that were pregnant so we count 22, enough Taras to do the complete mandala. We had people born in Morocco, France, England, Spain and New

Yoga Group in Morocco

Zealand. It was a wonderful place, facing the Atlas mountains and we all danced, laughed and sang together.

Another magical gathering of the dance happened in Sant, a village close to Barcelona. There was a large group assembled to hear a musician and singer.  I introduced the Tara Dance and the group was very receptive

In Morocco and Sant we had men join our dance, including Hassan,  a very smart 12 year old boy. Hassan loves reading and he loved the Tara of Sublime Intelligence.

A group of us Taras have been working on a Spanish translation of the dance material and now I have the Tara Text in Spanish so I can refer to it every time I offer the dance in Spanish. I am hoping someday to have a Spanish circle in New York.

One very special event in June in New York City, I shared the Dance of the Eight Precious Offerings that Prema created at a public event on the Hudson River. The event was called Waterdances with the intent to heal and bless the waters of the world. There were many choreographed dances, including dances of Isadora Duncan. I danced the 8 Precious Offerings facing the Hudson River .  The energy was peaceful and exquisite.

Tomorrow I’m going to India and I will be able to see Sophia in Bangalore. She is a Tara Dancer and said that with her two foster daughters and their friend we can dance Tara in her living room. I am delighted that wherever I go I can share Tara’s exquisite energy. What a fantastic way to start my trip in India.



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