Tara Is Dancing in Arunachala Pradesh

Tara Is Dancing in Arunachala Pradesh

Prema Dasara, Spiritual and Creative Director, Tara Dhatu

At the Sakyadhita conference in Bihar India last year we had the wonderful experience of sharing some of our Tara Dances with women from all over the world. Several months ago I received an email from a young woman, Paki Tsering Drolma, who lives in a remote village in Arunachala Pradesh.

She wrote…..

With immense love and respect to Prema Tara and Tara Dhatu Dancing Group! I’m Paki Tsering Droima from Arunachal Pradesh, north-east India. On January 2013, I got a chance for the first time in my life to go out of my village and to attend the Sakyadhita Conference at Vaishali with one of my nun friends.

I’m an ordinary and inexperienced village girl and I don’t know how to express how delightful I felt knowing about and seeing you!! I never imagined lovely dearest Goddess Tara would be manifested in such a beautiful real way. I haven’t got a chance to know more about u and ur wonderful work. But that slight spiritualistic meeting had a deep impression on my soul.

I feel comfort and not alone. I felt the blessing. I couldn’t thank u enough!! Due to a lack of netwrk, net connection, etc. here I couldn’t get to mail or know bout u more. But ur love and care has been with me all this time. Thank u for being so pious and spiritual , my soul has felt the blessing!!

My language is poor but I hope u can feel my gratitude!! Spiritually we are connected for always. I’m working as an elementary school teacher in this remote village and I’m sending  love and gratitude from my children and my side.

This is the first time I’m sending an email to anyone. Hope u receive it!! I wish u consider on visiting our region in future. Our people will be blessed to see the Tara in such lively and pious form.


I answered her letter right away, after forwarding it to the pilgrims who had accompanied us.

Several months down the line she wrote…

With lots of love and respect, I would like to thank you for your beautiful reply! When I was back from vaishali, I had tried with my students the ‘snake of anger’ lesson which I’d learnt in the children workshop of urs. (Tara Tames the 8 Fears) I forgot the dance steps I tried to follow u…… I wish I could  attend ur workshop to witness u perform as much as I can, to bring the Almighty Feminine closer to ordinary beings like us, you make alive the Taras out of the thangkas and statues of the temple.

In this small govt primary school we have 30 Children, ages 4 to 12 yrs. They r my motivators and I do learn a lot frm them. Within a year or two I may get posting to some school whr thr will be hundreds of childrn, I wish I could pass on to them the essence and blessings of the ‘Quiet Revolution’ of Tara Dancing.

Sorry for any mistakes and for long writing. I wish the whole Tara team a Vry Happy and Prosperous New Year! May ur journey takes in its loving arms each and evry soul and u continue showering ur blessings in ur own beautiful way to evryone!!

I sent this message to the pilgrims and we all decided we would raise the money to send some materials to Tsering Dolma if she would like…..but first I had to know if we sent her a DVD or CD if she would be able to play it. 

She wrote…..

I’m so sorry for late reply. We had no proper network here. I hope you all are doing great as always!

We have no dvd player at our school. But every household in the village have TV and DVD player! I would be very grateful if you send me Cds/Dvds of the Tara Dance. So that I would show my children and friends, I’ve this laptop with me which sometimes I use to show pictures,etc to my children at school!

The internet doesn’t work here but sometimes it works in my mobile. I send you email through my mobile.

Several of our pilgrims send $$ and we put together a parcel and sent it.

Several months later we got this message…..

From: pakizhere4you@gmail.com

Subject: Received the precious gifts

With immense love & respect to everyone at Tara Dhatu!!

I would like to thank Prema Tara and Lilliha for the precious gifts i.e. a cd, a dvd and books which I knew would be full of love and wisdom and I found it exactly the same. I’ve received the parcel on 7th april ’14, the gifts sent wid love to receive wid love! It will be of a great help to  practice compassion, the songs written by Prema Tara will be helpful not just to children but to grown-ups as wel.which contains whole life’s wisdom in those simple lovely sentences, Written soo beautifully by such a beautiful soul. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

We  are having our school vacation now a days, and the school will reopen in June. Any member of Tara Dhatu, if come to Arunachal, Paki Tsering Drolma is always here at this small village to welcome you all!

Tashi Delek!!

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