Tara is Dancing in New Zealand

Catherine & Judy

Catherine Callaghan is our Tara Dhatu Student Teacher in Nelson, South Island, New Zealand. She writes….


Judy Crowe and I decided to make three special Tara Dance offerings.


1. Early in the morning of December 23rd2013, we dressed as White Tara and made our way up to the top of the Grampian Hills which overlook Nelson City.  Our intention was to radiate the sentiments of White Tara to all beings in the region.  The holidays, for some, can be a challenging time, so we especially sent prayers to bring Peace and Joy into all hearts and lives. It was a profoundly moving experience and we plan to make this an annual tradition.

Early Morning Losar


2. For the past few years Nelson has celebrated a Festival called “Evolve”. Judy and I decided to offer the White Tara Dance. We had an open and enthusiastic audience. A minute or two into the dance  the music stopped! Started! Stopped again! Started! And then stopped completely!


Two White Taras at Evolve Festival Nelson

Unperturbed, we kept the mantle of Serene Peace until a backup cd was found, and the dance began again. The offering brought children’s noisy play to a standstill. Several of the audience stood up and joined in, copying the dance moves.  A visiting lecturer was spellbound and later approached us acknowledging the power he had experienced from the offering.


3. It was a privilege and joy to be invited to dance for Geshe-la and the Chandrakirti sangha at their Losar Celebration in March. Surrounded by the backdrop of the Moutere Hills and valley, combined with the filtering light of the early morning rising sun, we were all  moved by the power of an adapted Tibetan/English version of the Mandala Dance of Green Tara.


It is such a joy to share the dance of Tara in these unique and special ways.


Om Tare Tutare Ture Soha


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