The Radiance of Tara, Dancing in Fortaleza

This November Myri Dakini, our beloved Central Coordinator of Tara Dhatu South America, Assistant Director of the TDSA Educational Program,  and Treasurer of TD International, was invited to lead a weekend workshop in Fortaleza, a cosmopolitan city in the far North East of Brazil.

She writes……

When we open our heart and  follow the path of surrender

Our longing manifests in light.

I am always eager to share the profound practice of Tara Dancing so I was delighted to received an invitation from the ladies of Fortaleza. Roseangela, one of our Level 1 Student Teachers, had been aspiring to have a circle there for years. This year she was joined by Sister Flores and some of her friends. Sister Flores is a Catholic nun and it was exciting to have her at our camp in Brasilia this year.

Teaching the circle she gathered for me this November was one of the most precious experiences of my life. Imagine,  dancing Tara with a congregation of Franciscan nuns! At their invitation, I brought Tara into the Catholic church and presented another face of the Divine Mother, a unique essence for the sisters.

Of course they are already familiar with the Mother of Wisdom, Compassion and Power. They call Her Maria, Mother of Mercy, who listens to the call of all of Her children.

Margarida, Vera, Rosangela, MyriDakini, Flores , Elzilene

We were a group of 30 women. Each woman ready to bring her personal commitment to truth into the circle . .I opened the circle by introducing the story of Tara, because the women did not know the Divine Mother with that name. We immersed in the profound path, invoking Tara, seeking our true nature, even when faced with many challenges. Dancing Her qualities we were bathed in love, compassion and care.

There were two Mother Superiors from two different churches that participated. It was incredible that we spoke the same language of the heart. They were so open, and participated attentively and lovingly .

Vera is a gentle woman who had a recent surgery. She attended the meeting on crutches. She shared some of her experience with me….

“I had a dream last night.  I was in bed and had no strength to come to the meeting today but a beautiful woman grabbed both my hands and lifted me up. She told me that I should come because I would get something that would help my health and my life. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be here with you.”

Joseta, a young woman pharmacist wrote

 ” Myri , I’m an insecure woman, filled with fear. My dream was to marry and have children. I married but my husband has cancer and all of our attention is on his healing . I am so afraid to loose him but even more I am concerned that in his preoccupation with his condition he may not love me anymore. Last night I had a dream that a beautiful woman appeared and told me, ‘Calm your heart, your husband loves you.’ I felt a confidence and happiness I have not felt in a long time. I am so grateful to be with you and dance. Tara is the mystery in our heart. She helps us awaken to our true potential. That is what these beautiful, brave and beloved women are doing. OM TARE ! “

Now we are organizing for our dear Prema to guide a weekend retreat next year in Fortaleza .

Gratitude to the lineage of Teachers; Prema Dasara and all her sublime teachers .
Gratitude to the Enlightened Ones; Tara, Maria
Gratitude to the Teachings that nurture and guide us in this deep path
Gratitude to the precious Community of Practitioners, we are not alone in this journey of treasuring our commitment to Bodhicitta, the awakened heart of Compassion


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