Vision of Tara – Dancing in Seattle

The dancers enter Tara's Mandala in the exquisite Sakya Shrine Room.

Parvati Forrest Burke, Assistant Director Tara Dhatu Student Teacher Program.

Parvati Forrest Burke  lead the Mandala Dance of the 21 Praises of Tara at the Sakya Monastary in Seattle Washington  October 22. One of the participants, Marsha Emrick, wrote this beautiful testimony.

Thank you for teaching me and your great kindness. I find that I am still crying every time I think of my experience during the Tara Dance Mandala and the entire weekend.

I had coffee with Rhiannon today and have emailed Phyllis. I am going to start going to their monthly meetings and dance with them, at least until Sara  gets a dancing circle going in our neighborhood. She lives a mile from me!

I joined Taradhatu today as well. I would like to learn about the student teacher program.

Marsha in the black sari, deep in reflection, as the mandala unwinds in joy and victory.

My new found enthusiasm stems from an experience I had of Tara. At one point on Saturday evening I felt her completely envelope and enter my being. Sunday evening when I came home I saw Her. Not with my minds eye, I saw Her and felt Her surrounding and holding me. As She faded (her face last) into the Emptiness I saw brilliant “Sparks flying upward” like many jewels or sparks from a fire that were many colored. At last the vision faded into blackness.

I have been practicing (and leading) ritual since I was 12. I have never seen or felt anything so strong and so beautiful. I will never forget the love in, Mary’s eyes  ( my partner in the dance) when she held my hand on her cheek and mine was on hers. I cried looking in her eyes.

Through the diligence of our practice may the pure dharma spread. May we see your most excellent face.

I cried when we were singing and walking out of the spiral. In practice I looked at the ground mostly just to keep from crying. Tara’s presence was so strong. I couldn’t contain it all. It just kept welling up and out like a fountain of tearful joy.

Almost life sized Tara Statue in shrine room commissioned by Dagmola Kushok, who is said to be an emanation of Tara.

I am so grateful that Rhiannon asked me to come. I made life long friends with ladies I would have never spoken too. If I had seen the dance online prior to going I would have thought “what a bunch of new-age  nonsense”. Or “What a girly waste of time”. I would have robbed myself of the opportunity to grow and to feel the Goddess embrace me in her

Now if I could just stop crying.


Marsha Emrick

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