The Power of Prayer

During These Challenging

And Chaotic Times

We sponsor sacred ceremonies

To bring comfort and protection

to all.

Tara Dhatu, under the guidance and assistance

of our good friend and Tara Dancer Andrea Abinanti,

has maintained a wealth vase at the Swayambu Monastery.

The rituals surrounding this vase

are for the purpose of maintaining our dharma work,  

that we be well supported financially.

A week long Yangdrup/Wealth Vase Puja is annually performed at the Thuckche Choling Monastery. The Deity of Wealth, Dzambhala, the king of the North is said to support financial stability and prosperity as well as spiritual wealth. Many of the monastery sponsors have precious wealth vases they place in special locations in their homes. Each year these are brought to be re-energized by the prayers and mantras of this puja. Each year Tara Dhatu sends $$ to re-energize our vase. We are inviting you, if you would like to make a contribution to this Puja to ask for personal blessings click here. You can make your donation and then send an email to Liliha at and she will make sure that your name and offering is given to the monastery.

This needs to be done by

November 15th 

In the early morning of the ritual, Yamantaka is propitiated to remove all obstacles. Then the various wealth deities are called upon and innumerable mantras are recited.   

In the afternoon the protectors are called upon to remove any obstacles and create the cause for all to have the material means to survive comfortably.  

Prayers are made so the natural elements are in balance; abundant crops,

successful businesses, good jobs and all societies

treating everyone with loving kindness.

In the ritual all women are asked to manifest

as Vasudhara, the goddess of prosperity,

the men, Dzambhala

By the Power Of these prayers and mantras 

May Dzambala and Vasudhara 

And all deities of wealth, 

Shower their blessings 

On our world, 

Bringing the prosperity 

Of wealth, health, happiness

And Spiritual Fulfillment For All