Tara is Dancing in Virginia


Jacquelyn Sonam Lhamo has been introducing groups to dancing Tara for many years. She was recently in Virginia and this is her report…

Spreading Tara and Dharma dances is such a great joy.

For two years I have done Tara Dance programs at ARE, Edgar Cayce’s Organization Center in Virginia Beach, Va. This year Curtis, one of the attendees of these programs, helped set up two Tara and Dharma dance programs in the area. Acting as an ambassador of Tara, he got the word out to local dharma communities.

The first location was the Church of Inner Light in Virginia Beach. Most of the attendees were new to Tara’s dances. They truly enjoyed themselves. My talented sister, Annette, provided live piano music for us to dance to. The majority of attendees were Buddhist practitioners. Their interest in Tara was profound.

The second event happened at Sattvic Space. My hat is off in praising Maury who gracefully made the effort to find this  space for us to dance in Portsmouth,Virginia. A friend of my niece’s came to direct Tara’s healing energy in honor of the annual passing of her beloved dog. She was so inspired by the teachings.

I love sharing the dances in our Tara Dhatu program, they provide such a pleasant introduction to Buddhist teachings! Dancing our prayers helps embody and ground the Tara healing energies in our physical bodies and into the earth.

Dancing the dharma and Tara is fun as well as educational. One attendee felt the effects of our dancing days later and thanked me for all the connections she made enabling her to follow up continuing Buddhist practices. Dancing our prayers was so much fun I could have danced all night.

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The blessings of our dances in Virginia permeated the area and spread to all sentient beings. May the circle of Dancing in the Dharma continue to grow.

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