By Anahata Iradah

Every year, for many years, Prema and I would stay in the apartment of Vera Ache when we were teaching in Rio de Janeiro.

One year Vera engaged the services of Aline dos Santos Lopes to help us by cooking and cleaning for us as we had planned ten days of vigorous recording activities. Aline seemed sad, but always gave great service. Vera told us that Aline’s husband had abandoned her and their three young children. Aline could not find her way through the financial struggles and desolation so she was depressed.

I decided to see if any of our world wide community would like to sponsor her children at the usual rate of $30.00 per month. To my delight I received 6 responses and I decided to create two sponsors for each child.

When Aline heard the good news that some financial relief was in sight, she looked as if the holy spirit had descended upon her personally and immediately her attitude changed. She was so deeply appreciative of every gesture of help. this response touched me at the core of my being.

The sponsorships started in 2006. Aline realized that to make any significant difference in the life of her children she would need to have some kind of profession. She did not want to always rely on the sponsors to make things work for her.

She decided she would be come a nurse technician and with this aspiration took the big step of enrolling in higher education. I found her some sponsors and in February of 2009 she graduated with top honors.

She now has the ambition to become a nurse. She is hoping she can attract further sponsorship so she can go to university to get the training she needs. But in the meantime, she has moved her children to a safe neighborhood, and is able to support their needs.

Aline knows that there are Tara angels looking out for her in Canada and the USA and this caring has brought new meaning to her life.