Dance White Tara for Garchen Rinpoche – May 12, 2013

Dayton, Ohio May 12, 2013

Nita-Rose has been leading a circle of dancing Taras in Cincinatti, Ohio, for several years. A long time Tara practitioner, she brings a dynamic understanding of the practice and a refreshingly creative mind to her gatherings. Hearing that Garchen Rinpoche would be giving teachings at Gar Drolma Buddhist Center in Dayton, Ohio, she requested and was invited to have her group offer the White Tara of the 6 Shields Dance to Rinpoche and the sangha.

She writes….

This dance was created by Prema and Myri Dakini to the beautifully haunting music composed for a documentary on the life of Garchen Rinpoche, “For the Benefit of All Beings.” Myri and Prema taught it to our circle of Taras at a retreat last June and we have been enjoying it’s profound nature during our monthly meetings.

A few months after learning the dance we were able to purchase a set of Sari’s.  I had no idea when we would use them.This White Tara movement meditation practice, inspired by “The Tara Book” by Gehlek Ripoche, includes the colors of the protective shields.  How perfect it will be to adorn our dancers in the rich colors of the saris, to envelope each Tara in the shimmering light of the shields of White Tara.

The day of our offering, May 12th, is so auspicious. It is Mother’s Day, and Garchen Rinpoche will give the empowerment of White Tara before our offering.

I am so grateful for these movement meditations that help us to embody the energy of the practice in such a powerful manner, and to have the honor to offer this beautiful practice to this wonderful teacher.

If you would like to join us, please contact me, Nita-Rose  (513-231-0754).

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