Dancing Tara Deep Down Under

P1010439 Catherine Callaghan (center), Level 2 Tara Dhatu Teacher, Nelson, South Island, New Zealand reports…

Judy (right), Liz (left) and I danced White Tara and the Six Shields at the Saturday opening of the two day Evolve Spiritual Festival in Nelson. As always, White Tara wove her powerful presence!

P1010447The setting at Evolve was delightful, with midmorning sun warming us, busy stalls offering goodies surrounding the periphery of the grassed seating area, and the stage as a focal point.  This is the second year that we have been asked to open the Saturday sessions and we felt quite honored.

When we went off stage after the dance there were sounds of uninhibited, utter joy from a woman with physical and mental disabilities, that left no doubt about the power of the White Tara dance. She recognized the essence of love, wisdom and power as it penetrated her being.  Her wild guttural sounds expressed her profound  thanks for what she had received. She had indeed been dancing with us! P1010440

Jace Hobbs, a gentleman who came back stage after the dance with tears in his eyes, told us, “With the White Tara blessing dance I truly appreciated the intention to bring healing, health, and happiness from the feminine perspective.  I could feel the good intentions, the yearning for others to be healthy, happy, safe from harm.  I sensed that the movements evoked the spirit of the prayer and I connected deeply with wishing good things for people everywhere. This way of expressing my inner longing brought that well-wishing into my heart and touched me deeply.

A young woman singer at the Festival described how she had begun watching us, while having a very sore throat.  As she became engaged in our prayer she felt a powerful transformation and at the end of the prayer her sore throat was gone!

May Mother Tara’s blessings of long live and good health be all pervasive, bringing inspiration, joy and healing to all.


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