In Memory of Our Dear Tara Dance Sister, Mary Hunter

Our dear Tara Dance sister, Mary Hunter just passed away. Please keep her in your prayers, I am sure she is keeping us in hers. Abi, Mary’s close dharma sister, wrote…..
    Our sweet friend Mary Hunter, passed away today (Oct 24th) at 2:35 this morning. She transitioned so fast we are in shock.  A week ago, she went for a massage and her therapist noticed a lump in her abdomen.  She went to get it checked out and they kept finding more and more tumors  all over her body. She had systemic 4th stage cancer, it was everywhere. She had no pain, which was unusual, she just felt tired.   She had a tumor inside a blood vessel, which they operated on right away because it could have burst.  But she didn’t bounce back after that surgery, she just got really weak. She said she wasn’t afraid of dying, only afraid of being debilitated. She went out so fast, pain free, and in peace, with her new man Tom holding one  hand and her brother the other.  She called Lama Tashi, her spiritual guide, and told him she was dying, asked what to do.  He gave her instructions about letting her mind relax in it’s own nature. She has a lot of merit  from all her dharma practice, blessings and her giving nature !
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