Myri Dakini is an Assistant Director of the Tara Dhatu Educational programs,  an accomplished Mandala Leader and Mentor and a guide of all the Tara Dances and dance practices within Tara Dhatu.

Myri is a Senior Teacher in Tara Dhatu. She has been studying Classical Indian Dance in the Odissi style with Prema for years. She leads classes in some of the wonderful dance practices that embellish the Mandala Dance of Tara such as the Eight Precious Offerings, the 16 Offering Goddesses, White Tara and the joyful Story of Guru Rinpoche.

Many of the more recent Tara Dhatu dances Prema and Myri choreographed together.

Myri Dakini has been a professional dancer all her adult life. From childhood she studied and performed  modern ballet, classical ballet, and jazz. A new field she calls Conscious Dancing has been her focus for over a decade with the Dances of Tara, Circle Dances of the World, Dances of Universal Peace and Egyptian Dance.

Myri writes, ” I started dancing when I was very young. I had the good fortune of working with great teachers of dance, and spent a minimum of 4 hours a day in concentrated practice. My whole life was dedicated to the art of dance.

I am in the service of the divine and Dharma and, with sincere motivation, I maintain the lineage of the Mandala of Tara, of Tara Dhatu. 

When I met Prema Dasara, my path with dance became focused on the sacred. She is my current inspiration and guide, leading me in the path of dance and dharma.” 

Myri has led offerings of the Dance to great Rinpoches and Lamas. She has traveled in South America, offering retreats and workshops. She has traveled with Prema internationally, helping with teaching and the logistics of travel.

She is dedicated to manifesting the highest spiritual ideals through the art of Sacred Dance with Dharma

Om Tare!!!