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Bright Nepal

Pabitra Lama lives at Bouda, Kathmandu. For many years she took care of “at risk” children in her own home at the Bouda Stupa. In 2012 when the children were too many for her home, we were able to help her open a sanctuary called Bright Nepal. Bright Nepal currently provides shelter and education to 13 girls from the hill tribes surrounding the Kathmandu Valley. Pabitra has gained the trust respect of the villagers who know that she is supporting girls that have no other means of survival.

The short video I have made opens with the 1st anniversary celebration of the hostel. The girls were so happy to receive international guests. They learned Nepali dances to show us and also composed a song of gratitude that you hear near the beginning of the video. The girls are thriving under the loving care of Pabitra and doing very well at school. The 2nd part of the video shows one of the girl’s home circumstances. The girls go back to their villages during holiday time. Many make the promise to return to their villages after their education in the city, to support those in need. There is a lot of poverty and a big need for inspiration and education. Pabitra’s work and this short video celebrate human dignity and commitment. On behalf of Pabitra I want to thank all our friends around the globe who are helping to raise funds for this project. It is growing as I type this letter. We have just opened the work to support many local disabled children and soon we are hoping to open a facility for Grandmothers who have no other place to live. We want to match one Grandmother to one girl, to share the wisdom and love between the generations. Please make a generous tax-deductible contribution to Bright Nepal. Eh Ma Ho! Immeasurably wonderful.