Praying for World Peace – Kanaio, Maui, Hawaii

Just before leaving for India I received an impassioned email from Keiko, the Japanese woman who arranged for us to have a peace pole in Kanaio, the remote mountain retreat where I live when I am not traveling. She wanted to come to the land to dance and pray, February 4th. Knowing I would be in India, I asked caretakers Joshua and David if they were willing to host the event. I asked Student Teachers if they were willing to lead the dance. Dechen, Kachina and Sea Lily stepped forward, arrangements were made.   

Keiko writes: 

Dear Prema,  
On the 4th of February we had a wonderful time with your people exchanging prayers.  Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to meet at your sacred site!!!

The weather was fantastic.  Your caretakers Joshua and David took Ms. Wada, our group leader, and us around your orchard and flower gardens.  We prayed near the big prayer flags next to your house.  We  saw  Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) on the way to the temple, so we sang “Sakura”.  We climbed Prayer Rock and sang our National Song “Kimigayo” twice.  We have been praying for the peace of Hawaii and the United States a great deal since we came to Hawaii several years ago.  According to Ms. Wada, the late Emperor and Empress appeared and thanked us.  Our late Emperor took full responsibility for the horror of World War II, like the Christ taking on the sins of his people.

Prayer Rock is very special and we were often moved to tears.  Ms. Wada said that the doors of heaven were slowly opening.  Sea Lily’s husband had the same vision. 

After this, Jeff kindly let us conduct our World Peace Prayers Ceremony in the temple.  We prayed for peace and focused this wish on the National Flag of each country.

Our Symphony of Prayers of Peace by many religions and our World Peace Prayer was performed at the General Assembly Hall of the United Nations at 10:00-13:00 on the 14th of Feb. 2013 in New York.  We have been promoting these rituals for years in our Fuji Sanctuary in Japan.

Wada and the group would like to return to your sacred site in 2014 and learn your Tara Mandala Dance, and offer the World Peace Prayer together.  We would like to have more time in Maui getting to know you all.

With Infinite Love, Gratitude and Blessings,

In another report on the gathering for world peace,  

Dechen writes: 


We had an exceptional, lovely day. David and Joshua were perfect hosts and decorated the peace pole mandala with many colorful flowers.  We walked around the Stupa,  danced the short practice in the temple, walked up to Prayer Rock, hung prayer flags, came back to the temple and each country was prayed for, each flag honored, and karma cut for the people of that country. It was a beautiful experience!



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