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Calling Tara From The Heart is a profoundly moving dance meditation.

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Calling Tara From The Heart is a profoundly moving dance meditation. It is based on a mind treasure featuring the most powerful Tibetan Buddhist reflections. Linking this with our devotional relationship to Mother Tara, it is a powerful experience of energies and awakenings.

In this video of instruction we offer the details of movement, mudra and meaning.

Each movement leads to the next, each meditation leads us deeper into a blissful, exalted state.
There are four sections to the video

1) An introduction to the inspiration behind the practice.

2) A group offering of the dance inside the Kanaio Prayer Rock Temple

3) Prema’s detailed step by step illustration of movement and mudra, coupled with the meditation and meaning behind each gesture, with Myri Dakini’s excellent dancing demonstration

4) A solo offering of Prema Dasara illustrating how the dance may be done on ones own, without group support.

Because of the esoteric nature of the practice we ask that if you wish to teach this dance that you contact Prema Dasara the Spiritual and Creative Director of Tara Dhatu for her blessing and permission.

If you would like to have personal online instruction with Prema or Myri that can be arranged. Contact Prema.

If you would like Prema, Myri or a Senior Teacher of Tara Dhatu to come to your community to teach the dance Contact Prema

May any one who hears this practice, meditates with this practice, dances this practice, be inspired to manifest the sublime qualities of Awakened Mind.

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