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Nomad Pledge of Friendship. A Song of Welcome & Celebration.

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Tashi Delek, A Song of Welcome & Celebration
By Anahata Iradah and Prema Dasara

Browsing through the Tibetan Library in Dharamsala we found a book about the Tibetan Nomads by Namkhai Norbu. The nomads celebrate the establishing of friendships in a rather formal way. They hook their right index fingers together and pledge that they will always, “…rejoice in happy times together and together bear adversity.”

In 1998 we were developing our first pilgrimage to India and Nepal to work with the Tibetan Refugees in exile. We created the Tashi Deleg dance in this spirit to welcome our pilgrims and invite them to enter into a bond of friendship that would carry us through the joys and the challenges.

As we traveled throughout India and into Nepal we found he Tibetans were delighted to join us in the dance. We bowed to each other with their honorific “Tashi Deleg” which means may all be auspicious for you” By using the Namaste mudra as they do to greet each other, we were also signaling them that we acknowledged the divine within each of us.

The footage in each of these videos is from the 1998 pilgrimage to India and Nepal and the 2000 pilgrimage to the Tibetan camps in South India.

We often say that our spiritual goal is “enlightenment” and not “enheaviment”. This upbeat dance certainly manifests an atmosphere of joy & exuberance. It never fails, no matter which country we lead it in, dance in, no matter which language we sing it in!

Tashi Delek” – Good Fortune to You

“Eh Ma Ho!” – Immeasureably Wonderful

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