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The practice of Medicine Buddha strikes at the heart of our pain, showing a way out of suffering. The sound of Medicine Buddha’s mantra purifies illness and removes obstacles to our spiritual journey. We chant and dance this practice to heal afflictions of body and mind.

Presented as a complete sadhana based on Tibetan Buddhist Wisdom teachings, Prema Dasara guides the viewer through the intricacies of sacred movement and meditation. Accompanied by Anahata Iradah’s exquisite music, the viewer is led into a powerful inner experience.

The movement meditation of the four line praise and mantra came from a translation of a traditional text. It was developed at the request of the nuns of Kopan when their abbot, Lama Lhundrup, invited Prema and Anahata to teach them sacred dance. The nuns chant this prayer when they construct their Medicine Buddha sand mandala.

The video was creatively edited by Anahata Iradah in 2002. It starts with images of Lama Lhundrup and the nuns. Following this, Prema guides a group at the Manjushri Monastery in Parping, Nepal in the Refuge and Bodhicitta Prayer of Shantideva. She then elaborates on the preliminaries and the Deity Yoga of Medicine Buddha, including a meditation on the Visualization of Medicine Buddha. This meditation was shaped by Prema Dasara from a text used in the Maui Dharma Center.

She then introduces the Song of Praise, demonstrating the movements and leading a group of students in Australia.

The offering section includes the Charya Dance of the 16 Offering Goddesses, and exceptional offerings associated with the Medicine Buddha practice.

Speech is purified with the dance of the mantra. The mantra calls upon the healing qualities of the awakened mind.

The video ends with a beautiful dedication to the movement meditation of the 4 Immeasurables:

Abide in Love, and Compassion
Dwell in Joy and Equanimity

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