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Dukkar–Portuguese an English

Setting up the mandalas: 3 groups two that would have masks–amazing job as usual of honoring everyone’s request–got through three mandalas turning simultaneously. My own experience leading the mandala and personal process–a deep teaching

after lunch, dressed in gold, first two groups and few alternates experienced the mask dancing from the meticulous costuming and reverent relationship with the mask to, to the order: hair tied low in back, mask on, headdress and wig, the protector for each Tara was from group 2

Costume adjustments with Noelle

Masks–creascent moon arrangement with Tara’s birthed from right: learning expereince

Felt like we had called Tara and she was now here: power and presence, magnetic quality, and the outside world falls away… Truly magical!

Dancers reported merging with the masks, having another sense of space, and Mekare had said that the experience creates an altered state. As a result, the protectors (group 2) helped the first group stay grounded and shift positions after the birth of each new Tara. Tomorrow will try the birth from the center and dancing with the masks in the spiral configuration.

Teaching: witnessing the Mandala you have the opportunity to experience letting go of self obsession. Incredible opportunity in audience. Whatever you are doing–watching, dancing, meditating creates a powerful field of energy. Join us in offering prayer for peace, healing

Then we left for the temple–insert description–

Then VS meditation guided, Prawal, Nun’s teaching (Sakyadita creator), VS, and 3 mandalas

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