Strength In Adversity

Isabel front and center leads the dance

Isabel Cristina de Azevedo is a Level 4 Tara Dhatu South America teacher/mentor based in Rio de Janeiro. She has been leading the Tara Dance for many years and has recently returned to Rio from the far south of Brazil where she has been in residence. She organized and led a Mandala Dance of the 21 Praises of Tara this October (2014).

She writes….

Salutations to the wonderful and luminous Taras of Rio de Janeiro, to our Great Protector Stéfheson, to our dear, wonderful guardian and teacher Maria Lalla Tupinambás Aché, and to the community audience uniting their hearts with ours.

I am eternally grateful for all the learning that we experienced during our Mandala Dance of Tara. It was amazing to me how we maintained and strengthened our practice together, despite all the obstacles. When the sound stopped because the computer crashed, each dancer found their way to overcome this major hurdle and keep the meditative practice.  We had planned so carefully and rehearsed so intensely, but it was the inner strength of each dancer and our connection to the Great Mother that allowed us to move beyond the obstacles and maintain our stability and clarity.

We were able to gracefully improvise and keep our center thanks to the support of our protector, Magno, and with the powerful voice of Maria Aché.

Looking at these pictures of the dance I am deeply moved, remembering the quality and strength of each dancer and how we united in one body, one heart and one voice.

I am so grateful for the confidence each dancer invested in my leadership and in the power of the practice.

My heart overflows with love.
Isabel Cristina de Azevedo – Karma Drolma Lhamo

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