The curriculum for this program is based on the view and the methods of spiritual practice found in the Tara Tantra.  The intent of the practice is to awaken students to their deepest, most profound truth. It is designed to support aspirants in working with all aspects of their life experience.

Students of Tara work directly with Prema or one of the senior teachers in developing their own course of study and practice.

The mind training practices that are the philosophical basis of the dance require a willingness to engage in a daily practice that can include study, meditation, dance, music, offerings and methods of contemplation.


The primary tools of development and support for Students of Tara Program include:

– Dancing Tara: A Manual of Practice by Prema Dasara

– The Text of the 21 Praises of Tara Dance Practice

– Personal phone and Skype sessions with Prema or a TDEP Mentor

– Private e-mail exchanges with Prema or a TDEP Mentor

– Full Moon Teachings and Meditations sent out monthly by e-mail

– Annual Tara Dhatu Retreats with Prema available to members at a discounted price

– Week-end workshops with Prema or a TDEP senior teacher

– Audio and DVD Recordings of Prema’s teachings available for purchase

– Group e-mail teachings from Prema