This program is meant to develop and support students aspiring to facilitate Tara Circles in their community, introduce the dance to new communities, and offer the Mandala Dance of the 21 Praises of Tara as a public performance.

Level Zero – Student of Tara – Personal Study & Self Exploration

Everyone who joins the Tara Dhatu Education Program must start their journey in our pre-requisite course as a Student of Tara. This course of study explores developing a personal relationship with Tara, and deepening one’s understanding of the mind training practices that are the philosophical basis of the dances & practices. 


When a Student of Tara expresses interest in sharing the Tara Dance material they may become a Level 1 Student Teacher – Facilitator of Tara.

Level 1 Student Teacher

Facilitator of Tara

At this level of participation one agrees to facilitate a monthly gathering of friends, family and those who have done a Tara workshop with a Senior Teacher.  A Facilitator is cultivating an understanding of the practices and developing her skills to teach the Dance of Tara by organizing practice gatherings.

These meetings can be modest, in the Student Teacher’s living room with only one friend participating, for example. At the Facilitator level one works with mastering the fundamentals of practice.


When Facilitators achieve a confidence in the Tara Dance, the meditations, the teachings and the ability to work with others, they may apply to become a Level 2 Student Teacher – Tara Dance Teacher.

Level 2 Student Teacher

Tara Dance Teacher

At this level of participation one can advertise as a teacher of the Tara dance, travel to cities outside her personal circle and introduce the dance.  It is a move from working with those already intimate to herself and the practices to working with the general public.


When a Tara Dhatu Teacher is ready to lead The Mandala Dance of the 21 Praises of Tara as a public offering she becomes a Level 3 Student Teacher – Presenter of  the Tara Mandala.

Level 3 Student Teacher

Presenter of Tara’s Mandala

At this level a participant is authorized to offer the Tara dance as a ritual offering in a public setting.


Level 4 Student Teacher

Mentor of Taras

Adhering to all the requirements, commitments, and showing full competency according to the levels of Facilitator, Teacher, and Presenter one is now ready to be listed as a Level 4 Student Teacher – Mentor within the Tara Dhatu Educational Programs.