Tara Dance Retreat With Myri in Caxias

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Caxias is in the far south of Brazil. Our precious Level 3 Tara Dhatu teacher, Isabel Azvedo has nurtured a circle in this area and one of her students, Natalia, came to the Brasilia retreat in order to continue to maintain the circle. She invited Myri to lead a weekend retreat.

She writes…..

Taking refuge, strengthening our motivation and praying to awaken our Bodhichita, we opened our Retreat of Tara the evening of November 30th  surrounded rounded by beautiful nature at “Arca Verde” retreat center.

Saturday, we began early in the morning with the practice of Chi Lel, a strong meditation of physical harmonization. Then we entered the universe of Green Tara. With teachings and movement we learned more   about the great mother Tara. Born from the tears of Chenrezig, She  attends everyone who calls Her, sprinkling her blessing of well-being and serenity.

All day we danced Tara, within the safety and soft guidance of our beloved Myri. With kind and deep respect she shared with us the teachings of  Tibetan Buddhism that inform the dance of Tara. This empowered us to reflect about our life and helped us get in touch with our enlightened nature.

Saturday was a rainy day, and the earth in thankfulness, gave us her support and energy  that intense day when we were all born as Tara. The sensation increased and at the end of the day we were full of energy, acknowledging everybody as a manifestation of this goddess of love.

That evening an abundant full moon crowned us with her brilliance and  we rested with the sensation in our hearts that we did a good work.

Sunday morning the sun woke us with a shiny face, lightening trees and smiles. After Chi Lel and breakfast, we dove into the purifying suaveness of White Tara.

The movements and mudras of the dance, so precious that even at break time we were practicing, purifying our deepest emotions and facing another aspect of the Great Mother.

The whole day turned in protective and soft love. We were blessed to go to a pond in the area where  warm water hugged us as if we were in the womb of the Great Mother.

At the end of the afternoon our precious teacher gave us a present. Myri danced the 16 Offerings of the Goddess as an offering for our community. We could see with our own eyes the existence of the Great Goddess in each human being, as Myri danced the Goddess, manifesting beauty, depth and gracefulness.

We all danced together to bring our retreat to a close. With  joy and kindness we said goodbye, celebrating our interconnection with all of life. We returned home empowered, overflowing with generosity, connected to that precious experience that unites us together, keeping in our heart the new commitment to benefit everything we touch, and to recognize Tara in all the relationships we have.

I am thankful to all that heard the call to join us and gave of themselves body and soul for that deep work.

We are thankful to “Arca Verde”, which received us and nourished us during these days.

We are thankful to Myri Dakini, a great teacher, who with patience, love, and kindness shared so many gifts to strengthen and sustain our work.

We are thankful to Prema Dasara and Tara’s world wide sangha, who gives support and strengthens this  auspiciousness and transformative work.

We are thankful to the Great Mother Tara, who receives us with unconditional love and compassion.

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