This program instructs those interested in leading dances and practices that are developed within Tara Dhatu and are complementary to the Tara Dance practices.

These include:

Vajrasattva 6 Syllable Mantra – created by Prema

Vajrasattva 100 Syllable Mantra – created by Aradna, Brazilian Taras, Prema & Anahata

Shanti Deva’s Prayer – “With the Wish to Free All Beings” – created by Prema

The 8 Precious Offerings – created by Prema & Anahata

Tara the White – Created by Anahata & Prema Felicity’s

White Tara Dance – Created by  Felicity

White Tara Dance – Created by Myri & Prema

Tashi Deleg – Created by Anahata & Prema

The Suite of Dances illustrating the 4 Immeasurables – Created by Anahata & Prema

Hla Gya Lo – created by Anahata & Prema

Medicine Buddha Practice – created by Prema & Anahata for nuns of Kopan