TDEP Welcomes You!

Tara Dhatu offers educational programs in meditation, dance, music and spiritual development dedicated to deepening one’s understanding of the practice of Tara. Students can join TDEP to study for their own individual spiritual growth, or with the intention to become a teacher of  the Tara Dances.

The Tara Dhatu Educational Program (TDEP) has been developed to provide the support and guidance necessary to maintain the integrity of the practice as a vehicle of liberation. Because the dance is based in traditional Tibetan Buddhist mind training practices, certain philosophical information, life style and practice commitments are a part of these programs. Below are the links to several documents that describe membership commitments in detail.


Five Easy Steps

To join the Tara Dhatu Educational Program:

 ** If you are joining with the Intent to Teach , there is a 6th step at the bottom of this page **


1. Write Your Statement of Intent:

Describe your motivation for joining a program and send it to: info@taradhatu.org


2. Fill Out and Submit Your Application Profile Form

Our standard form allows you to describe some relevant information about yourself:

Tara Dhatu Educational Program Application Profile Form

and submit it to info@taradhatu.org

Include a current picture in jpg format.

We will review your application and inform you of your acceptance into the program


3. Tara Dhatu Membership

Become a part of our network of committed individuals determined to bring blessings, inspiration and joy to our beautiful planet through mandalas of sacred dancers.

Click Here to Activate Your Tara Dhatu Membership


4. Educational Program Membership

Once activated, you will begin working directly with Prema or one of the senior teachers in developing your own course of study and practice. The mind training practices require a willingness to engage in a daily practice that can include study, meditation, dance, music, offerings and methods of contemplation.

 As a TDEP Member you also have first priority for all events and scholarship opportunities. This Administration Fee is renewable annually on July 1st.

Click Here to Activate Your Educational Program Membership


5. Find Your Mentor & Understand ‘Dana’

Once you connect with your mentor, let your spiritual exploration begin! We ask that all members of TDEP explore offerings of Dana, meaning ‘generosity to teachers’. Your generosity to your teachers and mentors is what makes it possible for them to have the time and ability to work with you and the community in this way.  Every member of the program is responsible for working out their own Dana arrangement with their mentors and teachers. Any measure of financial support is greatly appreciated.

You can make your offering directly to your teacher personally, or through Tara Dhatu, adding it onto your membership and Program fees. You must arrange with your teacher whether you want this to be on a per interaction basis, a quarterly donation, twice a year, or annually.

You can pay your membership, administration fee, and dana to your mentor with one financial transaction.

We can take credit card payments, checks, or PayPal payments.

Makes checks out to Tara Dhatu. Indicate what you are paying for and mail to:

Tara Dhatu

 PO Box 657

Kula, HI 96790

You can also pay by credit card by contacting our Bookeeper David


** 6. Are you joining TDEP with the Intent to Teach? **

If you are joining the program with the intent to be a facilitator and start a Tara Dance Circle or engage in any of the other trainings with the intent to teach, please review the following documents that describe the commitments associated with this kind of membership.

Copy, and paste each section into an email, “sign”, date and send to  info@taradhatu.org accepting these conditions.

1. Code of Ethics and Conduct

2. Financial Arrangements & Commitments

3. Communication Commitments – Staying In Touch


Prema Dasara is the Director of the Tara Dhatu Educational Program and the primary teacher of the dances and mind training practices. Membership within a program requires clear and consistent communication with Prema, either directly or through your Mentor or Teacher.

Myri Dakini Naves, Assistant Director of the Tara Dhatu Educational programs, will be a source of support for you. She will keep you informed of your rights and privileges, and your responsibilities and commitments.

She is an accomplished mentor and guide of all the Tara Dances and dance practices within Tara Dhatu. She is the organizer of the South American Educational Programs.  If you are a resident of South America, or if your primary language is Spanish or Portuguese, she is available to lead you through every step within the program in your native language.

Myri Dakini Naves  é a Diretora Assistente dos Programas Educacionais de Tara Dhatu . Ela é uma mentora realizada e guia de todas as Danças de Tara e das práticas de dança na Tara Dhatu. Se você reside na América do Sul ou se seu idioma primário é espanhol ou português, ela está disponível para lhe guiar através de cada passo dentro dos programas.

Myri Dakini Naves es Directora Asistente de los Programas Educativos de Tara Dhatu. Ella es una excelente mentora con experiencia y guía de todas las Danzas de Tara y de las prácticas de danza en Tara Dhatu. Si ud. reside en Sudamérica o si su idioma primario es español o portugués, ella está disponible para ayudarle a través de cada paso en esos programas.


We thank you for your interest.

Please feel free to ask us any questions that arise for you during this application process and let us know how we can best support you.

In Tara’s Light,

Prema Dasara

Spiritual and Creative Director, Tara Dhatu


Myri Dakini Naves

Assistant Director Tara Dhatu Educational Programs


(ln Brazil) 55- 61 – 3343-3968