We Are All Differently Abled

On the road Prema writes…...

I am so happy I had the good fortune of dancing into Phoenix this year. Parvati and Shivadam were my most gracious hosts and I was happy to share some sweet time with them.

Amina's work often takes her to the state capitol to lobby for the rights of the differently abled. Here she is talking with the Governor

Amina, Parvati’s mom, had invited me to lead a Tara Dance class for a group she has been developing at the ABIL Center (Arizona Bridge to Indiependent Living). She is an Advocate for the “differently abled” and often heads off to the state capitol.

We were joined by several ladies from Parvati’s Phoenix Circle.

The group dedicates the merit of the Tara Practice

Before the meeting started, waiting for one of the Taras to arrive, I started chatting with those who were with us, getting names and also arranging the room so everyone could accommodate their different circumstances. I started the talk by confessing to my own “impairment” …. I simply cannot remember names. I had to ask them to accommodate me. Then I asked everyone to tell me their names (knowing that I would not remember) and to share what physical or mental circumstances they were dealing with. We all laughed a great deal.

Carey on the far left in the back drove Prema to Tucson

Then we danced through preliminary prayers and Tara’s Qualities, talked a good deal of dharma and headed off into the Phoenix sunset. It was a really wonderful connection.

Amina wrote a very interesting paper for our Student Teachers about inviting the differently abled into the circle. Click here (Josh can you make a link to this page wherever it is?)   to check it out.

No matter what our condition, dancing Tara is a Joy and an empowerment. And sweetest of all is sharing with a loving sangha

Om Tare


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