Bright Nepal ~ Girls Rising… with a little help from their friends

Bright Nepal Girls 

Begin the New School Year with BIG Changes

And they need your generous support! 


“Money is like manure. 

It’s meant to be spread around encouraging young things to grow”

Dolly Levi (Hello Dolly!) 

NGO Bright Nepal rescues impoverished “at risk” girls, 

gives them a safe haven and educates them.  

Bright Nepal is part of the powerful, transformative “girl effect”. 

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Due to recent financial and personal health stresses, Pabitra Lama, Bright Nepal‘s founder and director, has decided to make changes to the organization as we have come to know it. Instead of the girls living in the Bright Nepal hostel when school is in session, they have moved into the hostel that is connected to their school, the Lord Buddha Secondary School. This just happened at the start of the new school year on April 17th. Pabitra will continue to manage not only the finances to pay for the girls room, board, school supplies, school fees, and clothing (etc.) but she will be managing their overall wellbeing by checking on them weekly and organizing outings for them once a month. 

In order to be able to support this change, it’s become imperative that we find additional godparents (sponsors) for the girls 

as soon as possible.  At the moment, each girl has one godparent that has committed to donating $40/mth to support them in their pursuit of a better life.  This amount only covers about half of Bright Nepal’s current costs.  So, we are seeking partner godparents for each of the girls.  If you are interested, please contact Angela directly as soon as possible.  

If not, consider making a tax deductible donation
to help finance this change.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your generous support
in whatever form you feel inspired to give it!
With Love

Angela and Anahata 

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